Friday, June 13, 2014

My 1000th Post! A Full Moon, Friday The 13th, And My Baby Graduated Preschool!

WHAT A  DAY!!!! I've been out here in Blog Land for just over five years now. I love it! This blog is my heart. I write about my family , my passions, and my sunshine. I've made friends that I may never meet in person but have joined souls with. I love you and I love your children... you all know who you are.

I laughed with you and cried with you and vented with you.

So, how befitting that my 1000th post would fall on today. One of the biggest days of my five years here!

Emilia Faith has graduated from Preschool! 

She wore her cap (her way) tassel in the middle. She wore her prettiest dress. And brand new sandals.

She sang all the songs and danced along.  

After there was Italian ice!

This is her warning look. She has absolutely no intentions on sharing her treat.

And if you get too close , she will go for the throat! (Sigh) Yeah we're working on that choke hold.

She received her diploma from the best teacher EVER! 

And we are so thankful for Anastasia. The best friend EVER!  

Tonight we will eat cake. This was definitely a cake worthy accomplishment!

Love you all who continue to follow my blog and love my girl. So glad I have you all to share this with. You understand how huge this day is! 


The VW's said...

What an exciting day for you guys! Love the pictures of your sweet girl! She is one in a million! Congrats to you, and Em!

Peter said...

Congratulations Emilio, Daddy is very proud of you!
Love you!