Thursday, June 12, 2014

When Busy Gets The Best Of You

This time of year brings with it the sweet sounds of summer, the longing for the beach, the smell of the grill, and anxiety and stress that can kill a horse!

I long for quiet days in my garden. I enjoy pulling weeds and getting dirty, washing my feet with the hose and cooling off with a cold iced tea. I love nights on the deck watching the sun set and listening to the birds settling in for the night.

But for the next two weeks that won't be happening. We all have our times where we are too busy to even think straight and this is mine. 

Right now I have a pain on the side of my head caused by the Miss Teen RI Pageant. On the other side of my head is an extreme throbbing brought on by endless hours of rehearsals my girls are going through for their ballet culmination. 

Driving and cleaning and cooking and filling out forms that can't be filled out because we don't have the proper things needed, fund raising and deadlines and costumes and toe tape and don't forget the freaking false eyelashes! Exams and projects and field trips, teacher gifts!!! 

My front lawn is knee high and the back is covered in clover. I cringe when I pull up to my house because this is not how it should look. But unless we mow the lawn at midnight it will have to wait a few more days.

I love the summer and the slower pace, but the hoops we need to jump through to get to that blessed time may kill me this year.

Busy has overwhelmed me and I feel inadequate and  hostile! My mood is ... Sybil like. Let's just say you never know which personality will come shining through. 

I am feeling the need to take a time out. I'm beyond deep breathing, or simple relaxation tricks to help me. I think I need to pull out the big guns. 

Fingers crossed I don't go postal before June 20th because on  June 21st you will find me happy and content, knee deep in my garden. 

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Rochelle said...

Love you! Praying all goes smoothly and that you find your peace soon!