Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sometimes Being Sad is Okay.

It's "our" last day of preschool..

Today is going to suck... just sayin.

I've been trying to make the best of today. Counting our blessings and what not. But you know what? Today is just going to be sad. I am happy for the amazing three years Em had with her beyond amazing team at Drum Rock, but my heart hurts to think today will be the last time she interacts with them. The last time I drop her off and see Libby's beautiful smile waiting to take Em inside. The last time Ms. Lisa will have Em in her class and the last time I will sit in line as #25 waiting to pick up Em, and the last time she is with all her friends . 

I've decided to just be sad today.   

I don't have the energy to suck it up.

Sometimes being sad is okay.

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