Sunday, June 15, 2014

Time To Say Thanks..

Alarm buzzing at the crack of dawn.
Day beginning , coffee brewing.
Kids still sleeping, that won't due, too much happening.
It's Culmination Day!
Costumes, pointe shoes, Sophia your Character shoes!!!!!
Seriously no toothpaste? Dads up he can run!
Nothing for lunches, they have a long day, pick up something on the way.
Leaving late, mom is stressed, kids are fine, no concept of time.
Warm up class has begun, two ballerinas just five minutes late.

Back on the road to the bakery I go.
Strawberry cheesecake for a dear old dad.
Back at home, not looking too good.
Vacuum and dust let the gerbil out.
Bathroom is clean laundry is switched.
Baby is bathed and mama is too!
All before noon...  

First show is over, wonder how my girls did.
A short rest for them then show number two.
Tickets are bought, and flowers to buy. 
Will tonight ever come!

Sharing his day, he mows the lawn.
Never complaining, he carries on.
Our joys are his, he cares for us first.
He seems to go unnoticed. His just gets thing done 
I'll be the first to admit.
That sometimes we forget all that he did.

 I know it's not easy, taking care of us all.
At times we're demanding and not fun at all.
But today is your day, so I say to you.
Happy Father's Day, Peter.
Thank you, for all that you do.

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Peter said...

Thank you my dear Baby, you are the one who does it all and don't get the recognition. I love you sempre, Peter