Sunday, November 29, 2009

DSSRI Christmas Party/ Thankful Sunday

Today the DSSRI had their Christmas party.What a really nice day it was. So many cuties and goodies, crafts, music and of course Santa and Mrs. Clause.

So today I am thankful for this great party. A day to just enjoy the company of families who are all so happy and thankful for their own little miracles.

I'm thankful for a woman who we meet on the Buddy Walk and recognized Emilia, she told me there is a photo of her on the DSSRI website. I have to go check it out, I had no idea.

I'm super thankful Aniela will be here for Christmas! I can't wait to see here. We all miss her so much. Any one who doesn't know, Aniela is my beautiful step- daughter who moved to California last year.

I'm thankful for cameras that allow us to capture memories. One of my most favorite things to do is sit and look through all my photo albums.

I'm thankful the Christmas season is upon us. I'm thankful I was raised by a mother and family that taught me the true meaning of Christmas. It's a blessing to understand and embrace the true meaning. I think all to often and all to many people allow the season to come and go and never even think what it is all about. Does the name Jesus even cross their minds as they rush around like crazy nuts looking for another video game, or ipod, or whatever else their child is expecting?

So I am thankful for my faith. Where in the world would I be without it! Especially in these tough times. Faith is what gets me through each day. The constant thought that everything and anything is possible , as long as you have faith.

And by the way I just went to the dssri website and there are three photos of Emmie in her stroller!


stephanie said...

The elf looks like the one from the movie A Christmas Story.

Love Bella

scrappy quilter said...

I always smile when I read your thankful lists. Just so sweet. I too agree, where would we be without our faith. Through all the struggles I know I can turn to Him who cares. Hugs and love

ParkerMama said...

Beautiful post. And I couldn't agree more......Faith is what gets up by here too.

Emily said...

Faith... definitely #1 on my list too! I just love your posts. They are always so uplifting!

Tina said...

Just checked out the DSSRI website and saw Emmie's sweet pictures.
Love your thankful post, faith is really what keeps us going. Thinking about all the things we are thankful about is so important, it really puts a different perspective on things and makes us happier people. Glad everyone enjoyed the Christmas party, Emmie seems very happy on Santa's lap, is she giving him her Christmas list??

Beverly said...

such a cute photo