Friday, November 13, 2009

Kristens Button!!

Notice my new button! Kristen has a beautiful new button, compliments of Feisty Kaelyn's Daddy! What a guy. Head on over to Kristen's to grab yours!
With all of our prayers, we can help her win this battle for a fourth and FINAL time.

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Heather said...

Button is great, isn't it?I like where you placed it and your words ... I think I'll move mine.

Nasty stuff in the house is getting nastier ... Joe spiked to 102 with chills in the middle of the night.I am in contact with our pediatrician on what to do with Zoey.I think we'll move to the mountains for the remainder of winter.Hibernate until spring like the bears do!!Just a thought.

My little Vera from RR has found her forever family ... happy for her but my heart did drop a bit for me!