Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This Cannot Wait!

I had another post in mind for today but it can wait. What cannot wait is the Orphan! Two of my dearest bloggy buddies are speaking up on a serious new development. Linny has posted about a new practice in Canada that is rejecting any Visas from children being adopted from Africa! There are actually families stranded in Africa because they cannot bring their newly adopted child back home! This is outrageous!
My friend Carol is also speaking up and praying hard for a resolution to this unbelievable act.
Please read Linny's post and say a prayer, or a few prayers that Canada removes this ridiculous law, and also that no other countries follow.

The government and the cost of adoption is a big enough hurdle to try to overcome, but possible. Not being able to obtain a visa for your child will make adoption impossible.


Anonymous said...

Just read Linny's blog, now the tears. I will send up a prayer and pass on the post.

Tina said...

How appalling, Doesn't make sense. Here are wonderful people who want to give a child a home and it's crazy that bureaucracy should come in the way.

scrappy quilter said...

Well dear friend, you know my thoughts on this. It just breaks my heart. Hugs