Monday, February 1, 2010

Is There a Toy For This Kid??

Come on Emmie!

This is the first time she ever crawled through the doorway.

This is her reaction when we clapped for her.

Kind of knocking down the blocks.

It's almost impossible to get Emilia interested in any kind of a toy or activity which doesn't include starring at your face. Does anyone else have this, and I hate to use the word problem because she certainly enjoys people watching. But she won't play with her toys, although she does enjoy banging things together. But, no stacking or putting objects into a bucket. She will definitely empty the bucket, lol.

She just started OT a couple of weeks ago. I've been nagging them for it for months. Early Intervention is so shorthanded. I think I'm really going to like her new OT, she has a lot of really good ideas. Hopefully Miss Em will be interested.


Lacey said...

OT will be a big help getting her interested in toys!

my family said...

dont get discouraged she may just be an observer, that is how Catherine was...much different from her outgoing sister when they were very young. OT should help her too and you with activities. Maybe you can look online for some ideas. how old is she? maybe I can think of some things william was doing too at her age.

LizBeth said...

The OrganizerSon never liked to do anything more than once. It was like he was thinking: I've done that, so why should I do it again just to satisfy someone else?

Em is doing great. And looking at faces is wonderful! Wonderful! Relish it. And the way she gets around as young as she is? Awesome. You're ALL doing great. Enjoy!

Love, Liz

Tina said...

Well from the looks of it Emmie certainly seems to be enjoying whatever she is doing, even if it is crawling around, or staring at people's faces. Observing is also a great way of learning, and even Saira's OT asked if she was more an observer or a participant, I think Saira started out more an observer but now she has to meddle in everything, doesn't mean she is doing it the way her OT would like her to, she doesn't stack either but loves to throw them down, she does take things out of a container one at a time but doesn't put them back's pretty much the way she wants it!!! Good luck trying to make her do it any other way.
Emmie seems to be a happy go lucky kind of girl and she loves to move around and explore so I think she's doing great, and with so many siblings around she is bound to learn things faster than you think she will. Thanks for posting such lovely pictures of her, she's like a living doll. Big hugs

Kele said...

Pres isn't too into toys either, she too likes to bang things together. Her favorite thing is to take all of the wipes out of the box, every day, over and over, all day long, sigh!
Emmie looks so precious! The OT will have good ideas, ours always thinks of things I never do!

Kelly said...

Such cute pics Stephanie:) Enjoy this. One day you will be wishing she would pay more attention to! Em looks like she is doing just fine. I'm sure OT will help ease your mind.

Sumithra said...

Beautiful smile.

My previous post had been on a similar topic. My son isn't interested in toys except for rattles or the ones that makes sound. If Emilia is interested in toys that makes sound, you could try Leap Frog's 'Spin and Sing'. It worked with my son.

Melissa said...

OMGosh, she so DARN CUTE!!!!!!

Dillon was the same way. I couldn't get him to play with any toys (accept for his piano) until he was about 2yrs old. Unless it has lights & music...really, he didn't care! THEN, when preschool started, it was a different world for him. Now, he plays with almost everything & is FINALLY doing so much more.

She'll do it, just at HER own pace...:)
UGH...Can she get any cuter????

scrappy quilter said...

OT will be wonderful for her. She is doing so well. M never ever played with toys. Just keep doing what you are doing. I'm totally amazed at where she is today. Wonderful job you guys are doing....don't get discouraged. Hugs and love