Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Baby in Need

I just copied this from a blog I follow, No greater gift.

Another baby in need.

We have just learned of a situation involving a little girl here in Ohio who has not yet been born and who is in need of a family. She was supposed to have been delivered via Cesarean section in early March, but it looks like her birth is imminent. The birth mother is currently in the hospital and has been given steroids to aid the development of the child's lungs as the end of the pregnancy draws near. In addition to being born somewhat premature, a neonatal neurologist believes that this baby girl is going to be blind and will have MRDD, hydrocephalus, seizures, and cerebal palsy. A final diagnosis will be made after the delivery, but this is what is expected at this point. The baby will be transferred to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus once she is born so that she can be evaluated for a shunt that will relieve the pressure caused by her hydrocephalus.
The reason that this precious little girl is being put up for adoption is that the birth mother is currently incarcerated. Because of her inability to parent the infant after she is born, we really need to find a family for her soon, lest she be placed into the foster care system. Up to this point, the birth mother has been calling the baby Annabelle, and hopes that the name can stay with the baby in some form. She would also like to receive annual updates on this girl via photos and a letter. The agency that is working to place her—Caring for Kids—is not charging any fees for their services. That means that the only fees that the adoptive family will face are the attorneys' fees, although there might be minimal fees for post-placement visits, as well.
Anyone who is interested in adopting this baby girl, please write to for more information. And please join us in praying for this tiny one's future.
In Him,
Administrative Assistant


LizBeth said...

They might check with NATHHAN to see if they have someone on their list.

scrappy quilter said...

LizBeth, I like that you've mentioned NATHHAN. Great people!!

There are so many times I wish I was younger. I know there are others who would adopt this little one. I pray they do before she goes into the foster care system. Hugs