Thursday, February 4, 2010

Button Help

Peter has set up a new web site. It is a site about special needs of all kinds. The name is Heroes - Talk . There we hope to spread the good news about our gems and hopefully educate. We've also been posting about the difficulties in adoption. The newest nightmare is now the good ol' U.S.A has started denying Visa's to children from Uganda that have adoptive parents waiting for them. I have a button on my blog with Emmie's face in it. That will take you to our website.

The help I need is if someone can tell me how to get a code so others can post it on their blogs too. I know a lot of you have your own buttons. I would really appreciate it.
You can e- mail me instructions,

Thanks !!!


Heather said...

This is awesome Stephanie!As for the button,let me talk to one of my resident computer guru's... which is so not me!

scrappy quilter said...

Can you send me the link so I can put the picture on my blog. This is AWESOME!!! Hugs

LizBeth said...

Are you acquainted with NATHHAN?

Kele said...

I know you'll get the computer info you need out here in blogland. Can't wait to see the sight, sounds awesome!