Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Here we are again. Right now I'm trying to write this post, feed the baby, threaten the rest to get dressed and lovely for church (including my hubby) and referee fights over Little Pet Shop Toys.

This week has had it's fair share of disappointments but that is not what this post about.

So here's some thankfulness.

Thankful for The Red Box. A movie for a buck. We watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, last night.

And OREOS, we all stuffed our faces last night.

Thankful for coffee, I could not live without it.

Thankful for Peter who ran out to the pharmacy around 10:30 last night to get my prescription. I take muscle relaxers at night for my back and I never remember I'm out of them until I am ready to go to bed and I realize the bottle is empty.

And right now as Andrew is screaming his sweet head off about who knows what ! I'm thankful that he has a set of healthy lungs to produce such a head spitting noise.

Thankful for the incredible deal I got on a coat for Andrew. Andrew's winter coat finally bit the dust after three years. There was very little in the "budget" (heheeh) for a new one. I said a prayer and went to Kohls. I scored an $85.00 coat for get this... $17.00!! YIPPEE. The girls were marking them down as I was shopping. So cool.

And I'm thankful and excited that last night Miss Em took 3 steps!!!!! We cheered and clapped so much for her she just laughed and smiled, and looked at us like 'What did I do"?

And if you hadn't noticed our button is ready to grab!!! Just copy the code. Thanks, Becky!!!
Everyone have a fun and blessed Sunday.


LizBeth said...

We always check on Miss Em. Hubby says, "They haven't put her in time-out anymore, have they? That sweet little girl!" LOL Glad y'all had a good time last night. . . . . We'll grab the button.


Chris said...

First steps!! How exciting! She is doing so great!

Many of these things could be on my thankful list too--coffee and Red Box for sure, and I hit Kohl's this week for a coat too. A $120 coat that I got for around $21. I feel you pain when it comes to the back too. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Pom Pom said...

Yahoo for little Em! WHAT a cherub! This is my first visit to your joyful blog. I like your thankful post.

Tina said...

Thank you and wishing you a blessed Sunday as well...just catching up on all your last posts can't believe I've missed so many, where have I been, btw that's really funny about the blue hands, trust them to find the worst things to play with, give them a toy, no way won't do, but a cd cover, oh yes, that they love, any time!!

Denise said...

I knew those steps were coming soon!!! Way to go Emmie!! As for the budget thing, we are in some serious dire straights financially here and I am currently reading Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover and I watch his show a lot. He is all about the budget...have you heard of him?

Kele said...

Life as you know it! Isn't it beautiful?
So excited about the 3 steps, WOOHOO!!

mandd3 said...

Way to go for three steps! That is so awesome. And when you got to church were you so frazzled from getting everybody there that you could barely pay attention? Wishing you a blessed Sunday as well.

scrappy quilter said...

First steps...she is doing awesome!!! What a gal.

Another wonderful and positive list. Hugs

Anderson Family said...

Steps for Miss Em? That is so exciting!! You will have to try and get that on video so you can post - I would love to see her in action walking! I love your thankful Sunday posts.

Kelly said...

Hooray for Emmie!! 3 steps today and a marathon tomorrow!! Way to go....there is not a star you cannot reach! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!

Missy said...