Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thankful Sunday

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It's Sunday again? At least that's what the calendar says. This week was a blur. I think I threw into auto pilot or something. as you can see below the little darlings went to the Father / Daughter dance last night. And before anyone tells me they like my fireplace, it's not mine. It's at the dance,lol. I can only wish.

Isn't that moving picture cool! i can't watch it too long I get dizzy. But I love it.

I'm so very thankful that these girly girls have a dad that cares so much. And they will never know the flip side. I used to dread these dances when I was in school because I knew I wasn't going. My father was not in my life at all.

I'm thankful for this Princess who has such a sense of humor. She gave me the thumbs up to post this photo. What a face.

I'm thankful that March is just hours away. The battle between Winter and Spring will begin, inevitably we all know who wins each and every year!

I'm thankful we have an 11:00am Mass at Church. Any earlier and we would need divine intervention to get us all there.

And speaking of Divine intervention, I am so thankful I have knowledge and faith and belief of God in my life. I sit in amazement sometimes of the people who don't believe in any thing after death. How do they rise in the morning? It is so depressing to think that once you die... that's it.

I am thankful for Ann's Flower Shop. She is such a sweetie and so reasonably priced. Always has a kind word for you and pleasant conversation. She made these pretty corsages for Dad to give to his girls last night .

And I am thankful for showers. Which I am about to get into.

One thing I'm not so thankful for is we just became a one car family. Since the barter system is extinct , we also cannot get car number two fixed right now which makes life for this family of seven quite difficult.
Please say a prayer that we can be up and running soon.


LizBeth said...

I do understand the car situation. When we lived in the big city, DH would ride the bus to the auto parts place and shuttle things back and forth till he got things all fixed. If we went out of town, we had to rent a car. Soooo frustrating. Just have to put yourself in low gear and try not to grind your teeth! Hope it works out soon. ~Liz

Denise said...

So sweet for your darling daughters to have such a great dad. Sorry you didn't have that growing up....your dad just doesn't know the wonderful person he has missed out on knowing...I know that I sure am thankful to "know" you. Bummer about the cracked me up about the barter system. Have you ever read any books or watched any of Dave Ramsey's shows? I just finished his two books about Financial Peace and The Total Money Makeover and am really starting to get motivated and find some hope in getting back on track financially someday. But for now, I guess be thankful that you AT LEAST have one running car!!

Emily said...

Oh... so very sweet! My daughters cherish their times with Daddy too! So sorry you are down to one car. I am so ready for my money tree to start producing! So far... no luck! I am thankful for you beautiful posts!

To Love Endlessly said...

I'm so thankful for time to shower too!