Friday, February 26, 2010

More Music

I have finally added music, as you can see to your right. Olivia found this cute ipod. And you get to see the video or the words to each song. Now no one get yourself into a tither about it. If you don't like it or prefer not to listen then just pause it.
To tell you the truth I have to pause the music on your blogs while I am reading or I find myself reading the same sentence over and over. I guess I'm easily distracted.
A lot of you have really great music, so sometimes I just visit to play your music.

Well enjoy it or pause it, it's up to you. I just wanted to give a heads up.


Kelly said...

I would love for Landon and Em to meet (us too)! Shall we plan for April vacation (or sooner)? Let's start working on making this happen! We are really looking forward to it! BTW, I love the music (good job Olivia)!

Tina said...

Love the music...makes you feel somehow more connected to each other!!!

Denise said...

I, too, am a music pauser most of the time. I just get too distracted while I am reading when there is music playing and I think I kind of like to have peace and quiet when I am visiting everyone's blogs.

Kelly said...

It's nice to know I'm not alone in the loose tooth department! lol And, not a stupid question at all (I had no idea what to do either), yes - you copy it and nominate 7 more blogs! BTW, I'm glad you enjoyed #3 on mine, I was on the fence about admitting to that one publicly! Ha!

To Love Endlessly said...

Love the music player. I have to pause the music too when I'm reading haha!