Thursday, March 25, 2010

She Did It Again!

It seems that whenever I bring Emilia out in to public she changes someone, reaches out to them , makes them smile or in the case yesterday brought tears to the eyes of a stranger.

Emmie had an eye doctor appointment. While we were waiting our turn a women sat next to us. There was one chair between her and Em. Of course she strikes up a conversation with Emmie. And Emmie sucks it up, producing all her silly faces and smiles. The woman's husband came to sit down and she quickly took the empty seat next to Em so her husband didn't get to sit next to the baby. She wanted that seat for herself. We laughed and chatted for maybe another minute or two and then they called Emmie's name.

The woman was so disappointed that Emmie had to leave. Meeting over, and another happy stranger, thanks to Em.

That's what I thought anyway.

After Emmie's appointment we were making her next one and I was scoping out the place for the ladies room. After we were done I made a bee line for it. Well, our waiting room friend was standing right outside the restrooms.

I called to her and said, "What luck , now you get to see Em again! She barely said a word, just held out her arms to hold Emmie. She said, " may the Lord bless you and watch over you every day of your life". And then kissed her. OK, I'm tearing up at this point and trying not to stand there crying.

She held her a little longer, asked me her name, and then started tearing up herself. Oh, no I thought if she starts to cry I'm going to loose it too.

She said to Em, "now why are you making me cry? I know, because I always wanted children and I don't have any". She was an older women, well past child bearing years.

At that point neither one of us could talk, she handed Emmie back to me, and again no words were needed. We just looked at each other for a moment. She turned to go and I touched her shoulder.
I immediately jumped into the restroom and had a good shoulder shaking cry.

I am utterly amazed at how this child touches people. I'm sure this woman doesn't go around randomly holding strangers babies, and telling them such personal thoughts. But somehow Emilia brings things out in people. As I know all our extra special ones do. I've read your posts about how your little ones have touched others. What is it? Can people just feel the goodness? Can they somehow detect that they are holding pure love?
It amazes me every time it happens. It's like Jesus himself is using these little ones as instruments. That all these accidental meetings with strangers are not "accidental" at all.

I couldn't be more proud to be entrusted with such a child. It takes my breath away.


LizBeth said...

I think people feel safe around our kids. They seem to know our kids won't hurt them.

Emily said...

Once again I have tears streaming down my face. I know these meetings are not accidental at all. I, like you, feel so honored to be entrusted with these special children!

mandd3 said...

Ok first I have to stop crying so I can put my thoughts together. Yes, yes, yes. They are pure, spirit, and touched by something so much better than we can imagine. I am constantly reminded that they are here for us, the community of us that needs them so badly. God bless little Emmie, and her family too.

Lacey said...

I think our children just beam with love! I think they attract people wherever they go. I love it, we were chosen to care for these babies, and that makes me proud!

scrappy quilter said...

Absolutely beautiful. Two angels touching each other's lives. Hugs

Denise said...

SNIFF...SNIFF...SNIFF... Oh my goodness, what a way to start off my morning!!! That is such a beautiful story. I have no answers for you, our kiddos just do something magical with people. Sadly, with Ella though, she won't go to anyone and I am not sure when this started. However, I do remember once last year when one of the parents from Abbey's basketball team had just had a baby and something was wrong and she was in the hospital while they tried to figure out what. We had just played a basketball game and as we were walking out, we stopped to chat with the dad of this new baby. He just looked at Ella and smiled and she literally leaped out of my arms and into his (remember she never does this)and he seemed to almost tear up. He told me a couple of weeks later that that morning they had just found out their baby had Prader-Willi Syndrome and he was really struggling with it and Ella knew just what he needed!!!

Kelly said...

Pure MAGIC!! I am not surprised this woman reacted the way she did in Miss Em's presence. Our little ones just seem to share their little rays of sunshine everywhere they go!! Thanks for sharing this just warms my heart!

The VW's said...

Definitely not by chance! I once read a quote about those with Down syndrome....."They are here on earth to Teach, not to Learn." I think this quote is so true! Our kiddos are the greatest teachers and loves in the world!

Great post! Love and Hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I'm crying like a baby here. Oh, you're such a good heart, a great soul. I'm not surprised that Emilia has inherited your goodness. *hugs*

You know, when Gabe was a tot, probably Emilia's age, people would come to me when we were out and about. I remember one woman who left her seat on the Skytrain (we lived near Vancouver BC) and she sat right next to Gabriel. I had taken him out of his stroller and he was sitting like a big boy on the seat next to me watching the mountains pass us by.

This woman was so so intrigued by him. I think I will always remember her because it was more of his presence that attracted her than any characteristics of having T21. Does that make sense? There's something so intuitive about our children that can draw people from across a busy place or room.

Lori said...

Wow -- that is an awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing!
...and you are right -- they are not "accidents" because God does not make mistakes =)

To Love Endlessly said...

what a wonderful testament to the power that our kids have. They really do resonate love and acceptance.

the three wise menn said...

Stumbled across you blog while hopping around. I enjoyed the story from the eye doctors office. I have a girly that is a few months older who has a rare genetic we are doing life with special needs as well. Thanks for writing!


Tina said...

That is such an amazing story...really makes one realise that our little ones certainly have their purpose here. Saira like Ella is not too crazy to go to new people and then sometimes out of the blue she will shock me and stretch out her arms really desperate to go to some stranger, it's almost as if she's drawn to that person and I see just how touching it is for that person and how special they suddenly feel.

Carrie said...

What a great story--there is something about that extra chromosome that just radiates love and light--and other people are drawn to it. We are blessed to get to be around these kiddos everyday. I love this!

MaggieMae said...

OK, now I'm crying. It's true. Pure love... Happens every where we go... and every time.

Kele@ said...

I couldn't agree more! I have to admit, I love taking Presley every where and any where, knowing the attention and joy she brings to everyone that sees her!
I am with Denise, a big SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF after this story and that lovely lady!