Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Andrew working up a sweat at the Pasta dinner last night

The weeks are just flying!!! Signs of spring are everywhere and old man winter is loosing the battle yet again.

Time change at the start of Daylight Saving TimeImage via Wikipedia

This week I am thankful for Peter's lightening quick recovery from kidney stones. Yesterday morning as most of you know , Peter took a ride to the ER with kidney stones, he was fine in just a few hours and last night we were able to all go to our church's annual Pasta Dinner. Amazing!Thanks again for your prayers.

Thankful for Olivia ans Sophia holding down the fort so well! Emilia even tested them with a stinky diaper, but Olivia changed her and lived to tell about it!! lol

Eternally thankful to my friend Melinda who flew in like an angel and helped out yesterday.

Thankful that, that beast of a car is up and running again! We are back to two!

And who isn't thankful for the extra sunlight we will be enjoying thanks to Daylight Savings Time!!

And paper towel. I couldn't live without it!!!

Yup, sometimes it's really about those silly small things.

And I'm thankful for all those silent prayers that get answered. You know those things that you just think about, but maybe don't think are worthy of a prayer . Like yesterday for example. I was nervous about driving to the ER. Peter went in the rescue. I was wondering where do I park ,do I have enough money on me to even pay for parking , how am I going to find Peter...and on and on.
When I got there I found easy and free street parking, which is a miracle around any hospital , but there are three major hospitals in this massive compound. Street parking is never available. As I was wondering where to go, I spotted the rescue that took Peter in, and the guys were just leaving. I motioned to them and they told me which door to go in. Everything was so "easy". I know God arranged it like that but I would never have thought to ask. I was to busy praying that Peter was OK.

I'm thankful that God always knows what's on our minds and what we need or want. and like a good father He is always there to help, even when we "forget" to ask.


LizBeth said...

Amen! Glad y'all are back to normal, whatever "normal" is.

Lacey said...

I'm so thankful for daylight savings! Now if it will melt the snow we got yesterday. I need spring!

ch said...

We're thankful everything turned out OK at the ER! Do you watch Modern Family? They had an episode recently about an ER trip due to kidney stones and it made me think of all of you...

Hope everyone has a much less exciting week ahead!

scrappy quilter said...

Another wonderful thankful list. Isn't God good, He always takes care of the little things. And yes I did change the title of my blog. Hugs and love

mandd3 said...

I just love how nothing is too small for God to help us with (or too big for that matter). So glad everyone is fine now. And I am also very grateful for daylights savings time - bring on spring!

Tina said...

I missed your last 3 God, I can't get online for 2 days and so much happens!! But all's well that ends well, so happy that Peter is fine and back home and your worries have been eased. You have amazing kids that held the fort while you were away and naturally great friends who also came to the rescue, wish I was closer to help! Love the Spring flower hair band, I must say you get the most beautiful accessories for little girls and needless to say Emmie looks absolutely devine in them! Big hugs and praying everyone stays well. Btw I loved your thankful post, it just confirms that God is always looking out for us and he definitely knew you had a enough on your plate already making sure you didn't have to deal with anymore added stress. Yes so much to be thankful for!

The VW's said...

Lots to be thankful for!!! Glad your husband is doing well and recovered so fast!

Lori said...

So glad that your husband is doing much better. My husband has kidney stones, but they haven't sent him to the ER...yet.

Kele@ said...

I am so glad you are faithful with your Thankful Sundays! Mine lasted two weeks, lol!
You have much to be thankful for this week my friend, you always do.
Hugs to you!