Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thankful Sunday

What a beautiful Sunday Morning it is here. I hope the rest of you have gorgeous weather too. As I type this it is brilliantly sunny and 50 degrees!

I am thankful that I got to sleep in this morning, an obviou
s rarity. When I got up with Emmie at 9:30!!! the kids were already outside playing.

Sophia was sick on Wednesday with that stinkie stomach bug. I'm so so so thankful that it went through her in just hours and none of us got it. That has never happened. Not to mention just about an hour before she got sick her and Em were wrestling on the floor together.

Lately Emilia has been moving her hands in odd ways. After watching her do this for several days I think she is trying to sign. We have been signing more and more words to her and I think in her way she is mimicking us. I am very tha
nkful that she is starting to make the connection.
She will also tap her hands to her chest when I ask / sign, beautiful baby.

I am very thankful that yesterday we had the honor of viewing the statue of The Blessed Mother. the statue is from Portugal where in 1917 Mary appeared to three young children. if you're not familiar with the story of Fatima you can read it here. Any hoo, one of the children described Mary as she looked when they saw her and two statues were made. One remains in Portugal and the other travels.

Her face was so beautiful.

And just in case someone might have a misconception
about Catholics worshiping statues, that's not true. We do not worship anyone but Jesus. Yes our churches are filled with statues of saints and sometimes icons, but we do not worship them.
It's kind of like pictures we all have in our homes of loved ones we want to remember and look at. You might walk by a photo of your mom who has passed away, and stop to look at her face, and remember a time you had with her. Statues are just there to remind us that , hey, they were all here at one time too. They had problems and issues , but they trusted in Jesus. They have already been here and done that and are now in heaven. They are great roll models. The prayers we say to saints... we are only asking for their intersession, we do not believe that they alone answer our prayers. No one not even the Mother of God has the power to answer our prayers. Just as we all send out prayer requests to friends and family, when we are in need, the saints too are just friends, to help us out when we need a hand or an extra prayer. I'm only writing this because one time we were at a feast celebrating Mary and there were some teenagers walking behind us . I over heard them say we were all pagans. If I wasn't with my kids I would probably have flipped out on these kids. I was stunned and saddened that he would actually think such a thing.

And today a very special Little Girl and her very special family are having a Birthday party!
Yes Princess Zoey is FINALLY getting a long awaited and deserved Birthday party. For that I am most thankful! I hope their home is bursting at the seams with family, friends, laughter and complete joy.

Everyone enjoy there Sunday. Take it slow today and just be thankful !

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LizBeth said...

So glad Sophia got over the bug quickly and that Em didn't get it.

mandd3 said...

One of these days I'll have to post about how the Blessed Mother has walked with me since Tomas' conception, but in the meantime what an awesome opportunity to view tha Fatima statue. Have you seen the movie The 13th Day? I am glad Sophia is better, and that no one else got sick, and that you have great weather.

To Love Endlessly said...

Hey, I'm glad you posted all that about the statues. I have heard several comments about Catholics worshiping statues. You gave me a new understanding of it. Thanks!

Emily said...

Beautiful Sunday post... as always!

Tina said...

How wonderful to hear you are having great weather and that your Sunday started off so well, sleeping in wow, I could do with a bit of that. Saira was throwing up last night and at about 2 a.m. I had to change sheets, clothes, wash her etc. etc. not to mention she was cranky ever since then, so there went my sleep! But I'm thankful that when she woke up this morning she had the biggest smile on her face! What is it about these kids who turn into mini monsters at night!
I do love that pictures on top of the "two sisters" having a little lie in together. I really enjoyed your thankful sunday post.

Julie said...

Glad your beautiful girl is feeling better :)
I actually found your blog through Class of '08 last week. You have such a beautiful family! Thanks for your kind words!

Shannon said...

Hi! Just wanted you to know that your blog does make me smile. Every time I stop by here my day just gets better. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gratitude rocks, doesn't it? ♥

scrappy quilter said...

As always a wonderful thankful Sunday. Love and hugs

Kele@ said...

Oh geez, have I really blew the 'Sunday Gratitude posts' or what?! Oh well, at least you are diligent sweet friend!!