Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thankful Sunday

got cream cheese?

I'm rushing this morning but if I waited to do my Thankful Sunday post it would probably be Monday.
so here goes!

I'm thankful for Spring!!! I saw with my own eyes the temp measuring 75 degrees yesterday!

Thankful that I got our car cleaned out yesterday. It was getting to the point were I seriously could have found some wild life living under all the "stuff" that accumulated over the winter.

Sophia is going to States today! So thankful that she qualified.

Thankful that we got together with some dear friends last night.

Thankful that Aniela called the other night and sounded happy! she's out in CA pursuing her dream, which seems to be acting instead of dancing at the moment. She is in an acting class and the teacher is a really well known one and she's doing remarkably well.

Thankful that because Sophia is going to States today I had to be up at the crack of dawn this morning... literally, and as I type this I am watching the miracle of the sun rise.God thought of such beauty to start our day and most days it comes and goes without any one noticing.

Thankful for special people in my life who without ever actually meeting me can detect that I'm slightly out of sorts. Carol and Heather I'm okay... will e- mail when things slow down! I love you!

And Happy World Down syndrome Day!!!!! I'm thankful I get to celebrate this day!!! What are you all up to on this special day? I think we'll go to the park, or what I'd really like to do... clean up the yard. I'm thinking the kids won't think that's such a great way to celebrate.

Whatever you do today have a great and blessed day!


Emily said...

Happy Down syndrome day to your family! You sure are busy... congratulations to Sophia! Have a fabulous day my friend!

Beverly said...

lovely thankful list! have a wonderful day today!

Lacey said...

Happy world Down syndrome day to you! 75 degrees! No fair!

Heather said...

No thanks needed.That is what friends are for.Enjoy your Sunday!

scrappy quilter said...

I agree with Heather, that's what friends are for. Love your list. And your little sweetie, still has cute has ever. Hugs and love

Mom Of Many said...

That is the sweetest little cream cheese moustache I have ever seen...

And Happy Downs Syndrome day...what a privilege to call you friend...xo