Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer is Back

It's summertime again at Daily Smiles! Christmas has been packed away for a few more months.  I will be emailing anyone who did not specify which ornament they wanted. I want to make sure I have them all set to send to The Abell's. The money will be transferred immediately:)

Also there are some free ornaments going to donor #8 and donor #9, also the person who brought my chip in to $400, and also $500. I will be emailing you for your ornament choice and address if I don't already have it. 

Again this was a blast! Thank you for supporting The Abell's and for loving Olga. 

And I just need to say something about Jenn and Chris Abell.  God selected them for a special job. To be Olga's parents. It was His decision. They are following His lead, and His lead is taking them along a very bumpy path. Every adoption is different. Some from start to finish take just a few months, some much longer. Some seem to move very smoothly and some are bombarded with obstacles. No two are exactly the same. just as no two pregnancy's are the same. Recently they lost a lot of support and that's very sad. So to the people that hung in there and believe in The Abell's thank you. Please continue to show your support, please pray for Jenn and Chris, and Olga. pray that God removes any obstacles that they may run into and brings Olga home soon.


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

The blog looks beautiful and the header picture ... gorgeous!

You are a gem my friend and you have done an incredible, amazing, selfless job of advocating for your sweet Olga.

Olga is blessed to have the Abell's and you as well and you are so very blessed to have her. She will find her way here. Into the arms of everyone that has come to love her. In His time. always in His time.

Melissa said...

Hey, what's an extra day!! I'm so happy that you made your goal for Olga and the Abell's!

Pallavi said...

Em's new header pic is so cute.

It's been really long we have been waiting to see Olga in their arms..
and in your arms.. hope that day comes soon.. very soon...