Friday, August 12, 2011

Serving Up Some Disaster Flambe

 A dear cyberspace friend of mine Leigh Schilling Edwards has written a book,  Disaster Flambé   I am in awe of anyone who can put enough thoughts and words and feelings together and call it a book. Leigh has an incredible outlook on life. She blogs about her life at Adasperdown and on more than one occasion she has left me sobbing and or laughing uncontrollably.  
She writes about Aspergers, Down syndrome, ADHD, and the rest of "life". Her sense of humor mixed with the reality of life is inspirational.  

Leigh's book is available at Amazon for Kindles. There is also an option to download to your PC if you are Kindleless like me. 
You can even read the first chapter for free.  I did and I can guarantee you will want more.
Now if that didn't perk your interest this will,  for a limited time,  Leigh is donating10% of sales from her book to Reece's Rainbow, (did I mention she's also got a huge heart for orphans)
So please check out Disaster Flambe, it's a fantastic read and you will be supporting the fabulous Leigh  and  RR at the same time.

* Leigh, I'm so proud of you! Wishing you the best with your book. Thanks for sharing your crazy, funny, OMG that can't be true, OMG that is true, life with us!!

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Tina said...

There is so much to catch up on, I'm going to need time. But what I can say is that my sweet little Em is looking so amazing, so very very beautiful, just look at her hair its so long I can't believe it. I really need to give her a big hug, afraid you'll have to do for me. I missed her so much and you m friend.