Thursday, August 25, 2011


I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to start this post. In my head it's all written, but when I try to write it out...well it just isn't flowing. 

Bullet points might do the trick.

.   May 17, 2010, a little girl named Lyla is found on Reece's Rainbow by my friend Summer.
.   She falls in love and they plan to adopt her.
.  September 9, 2010, Lyla is very ill.
September 29, 2010, they are told she won't survive.

. Brokenhearted they say good bye to the child they love and pray that Jesus takes her to heaven with no suffering.
Still wanting to adopt, they find Bellie, on Reece's Rainbow and  in January 2011,she is adopted and becomes part of their family.
. In Spring of 2011 they felt the tug to adopt again, and asked about Lyla. There was no information on her, and it was thought by all, that she was indeed in heaven. 
. They committed to Gavin on June 25, 2011

A tragic story of heartache and  unnecessary death, a young life gone before she ever got the chance to live. A family grieving for a child they never met but loved dearly. But a happy ending in that Bellie got a family and is home.And now Gavin will be coming home too!

Only that's not the end ~

Lyla is alive!

The child thought to be dead, to ill and weak to possibly survive... DID!

On July 28, 2011, Summer found out, that Lyla is indeed alive and available for adoption!!!

The immediate and overwhelming joy and relief that Summer and her family must have felt , I can only imagine. A child ,thought dead , is alive!!!
But that joy was quickly turned to heartache once more. Summer was already committed to Gavin, and cannot take Lyla too. What to do? Give up Gavin to take Layla? How do you do that?  They love him. But Lyla was their heart, and now here she is! Alive and adoptable!!

This has got to be BY FAR the most difficult decision in their lives. 

They chose to continue with Gavin, as that is what they believe the Lord is calling them to do. And again had to say good bye to Lyla.

Summer sent out prayer requests, although at the time she was unable to tell anyone what we were praying about. My heart breaks now that I know what it was all for.

A family did come forward recently to adopt Lyla but they were unable to continue.

The only thing that makes sense to me, is that God must have some ENORMOUS plans for Miss Lyla.

This is not the end of her amazing story, but the beginning! Lyla needs a family. And they are out there. 

This child who was thought to be dead... lives! And she lives to be with her family! God did not form this most elaborate and intricate plan for nothing. 
Already in her young life she is the cause of both Bellie and Gavin finding a family. And she is the reason Summer was saved, and brought back to the arms of Jesus.

This little sweetheart has made such a difference in so many lives! it's time for her to go home! It's time for someone to make a difference in her life!

Summer obviously will not rest until that happens. She will advocate for Lyla until she is home. 

I wanted to help spread the word. 

I fell in love with the Spitz family when I read Summer's post about being saved.That was almost a year ago. So I guess Lyla is responsible for our becoming friends too! It was her beautiful face that lead me to Summers blog.
Please join in advocating for Lyla, and praying that her family finds her soon. Her story is just beginning, and I'm sure the rest is going to be just beautiful!!!


summer said...

Oh My Goodness Steph!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!! I am so BLESSED to have you as a Friend!!!!!! This post is so well written and I am so very grateful!!!!

The VW's said...

All I can say is, "WOW!" What a story! Praying for this sweet girl right now!

Grandma Mary said...

I'm Summer's mom n all of the Spitz' Grandma lol. Summer didn't need to be "saved "- she has been rescuing "orphans" since she was born . Dogs, cats, people - it didn't matter lol. People are naturally drawn to her, with good reason. I love her to pieces, n her children - well can't put in words how much I love them n Dave too!!! I so hope Lyla finds a home n if I know Summer, I'll probably be meeting her soon!!!!!!!$

Grandma Mary said...

Forgot to say that I'm so proud of her. But maybe you figured that out?

Patti said...

oh my gosh, a lump in my throat! I will be praying for sweet Lyla!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

oh you got me with this i am in tears! i will add this beautiful girl to my forget me not friday posts every week dear friend! do stop by on friday and link up this post if you are able, it will help to spread the word about this wonderful girl a little xxxx