Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Choose

 One reason I try to rise before the sun and the kids is to sit in some peace and quiet and go through all the blogs I follow. That usually leads me to check up on how the fund raising is going for so many, and that usually leads me to new families fund raising. All for the same reason. To raise money for  a child that God has called them to rescue. A child with Down syndrome that has been discarded by their own family and country.

I sit  here and wonder how they thought of certain fund raisers... some are quite unique. I wonder why some are successful and some are not. 

Do the successful blogs have a bigger following? Does the blog have a better PR ranking? Do they just have a more eloquent way with words?

Sometimes... but most times, not. They are just your typical blogs with average rankings with around 200 followers.  So what's the catch?

Why do some people raise the money they need and some just don't. 
I've been seeing some exhausted families out there.Families nearing the end of their long journey. Families who are getting ready to travel, but are not yet fully funded. 

I want to help them all. Most of you already do!!

But, if you cannot help everyone , how do you choose? How do you choose which family to help. There are so many! Maybe you think, if I can't help them all, I won't help any. Maybe you think, what can I do ? I don't have that kind of money. What is ten dollars, five dollars,  going to do when they need thousands?

 We are not in the position to give much right now. I'm wondering how I'm going to get my kids what they need for school. Peter has been out of work for months and months. We have very little and what we do have we need to survive. But! There is always a way to support. It bothered the hell out of me that I couldn't support my friends. I wanted to be there for them, I wanted to drop money into there FSP. I wanted to relieve their burden of worrying about money.   

I had to figure out another way to help.  So instead I collect change. Every month . For a different family adopting. 

This month Jars of hopes and dreams is collecting for The White Family, they are adopting Elisha (Taylor) check it out!

Amanda at Just ONE more 4 Us is having a giveaway to benefit not only the adoption of her son Andriy but also these munchkins! Olga, Mateo, Shannon, and Elisha!! 

There is Ann at Two Lives One Journey adopting two Dumplings!! Matthew and Barbara, she has already made her first trip. She has held her babies, they have felt their mama's arms around them. They are still trying to raise the remainder of funds needed!

There is Summer, at I Love You To the Moon and Back, adopting Gavin. She's going back for seconds!!! She just adopted Miss Bellie this year!! Back to back international adoptions! Why, because she saw and heard and smelled the bitter truth about these kids. Because she is being called to do everything humanly possible to help as many as she can.

There is Lisa, at Saving an Angel, adopting Phoebe... I know you know Phoebe. They are waiting for a travel date. This has been a long adoption. They need to be fully funded.

And of course there is my Sweet Potato, Olga. Jenn at Saving our Starfish is part of the multi - family giveaway, and honestly support is down. They are half way through their Dossier. They will be traveling soon. They are so close! Seeing a fully funded post would make my YEAR!!  The Giveaway ends in 6 days and they have only had two contributors! 

How can you help?? Can you post on FB??? It only takes a second! In fact this post will appear on my FB. All you have to do is hit the share button. You don't even have to write anything. Do you feel like writing?? Then throw a post up on your blog, add a couple of links and call it a day. How about some change.. pennies dimes nickels, an occasional quarter? Throw it in a jar! At the end of the month there will be at least ten dollars in it.   Could you donate that to a family?  

The list of families goes on and on. These people are modern day heroes! They are fighting governments that don't understand why they want these kids, they are sometimes fighting family that don't understand why they want these kids. They are climbing mountains that try to throw them down every step of the way. They lose friends and support along the way, but still they persevere. Still they keep their eye on the prize... their child! These are the strongest people I know. They deserve our help and support prayers and respect.

I try to advocate for as many as I can. That is my donation. To blog and FB and try to get the word out there. And the reason I do it over and over again is because I never know who is going to read my blog. I know all my "regulars", and these posts are not really for you. You are in the trenches right beside me. You know the truth . But on any given day, someone who never heard about Reece's Rainbow, or could never imagine that beautiful children are dying as they wait for a family, might read my blog. This might be the post that opens a heart to adoption, or leads someone to donate.

I do this so I can sleep at night. So I can say to God I did something today to help. No it wasn't a monetary donation, but it was my donation. There are so many ways to help if you do not have the money. Please, post , post , post!! FB,FB FB!!!! IT will eventually reach someone. God will make sure your words and your efforts do not fall upon deaf ears!  Talk about these families and other families. Talk about RR and the children.

Now please pick a family listed above, or one that you know, and do something for them today.  Anything... to make a difference :)


Scrappy quilter said...

The biggest thing one can do if they have no money is to pray. It's not going to get easier as the economy slides back into a possible recession, yet like you we can all do something. I can't give to them all, yet I do my small part to help who I feel led to help. And I pray. It's difficult to see the families who are struggling...they are usually the ones I try to help first. Keep doing your part friend...I'm so proud of all you do. Hugs

Melissa said...

I wish I could donate to every fund raiser I come across, but like you said, sharing and praying are very important too!

Rochelle said...

Sharing and praying. Knowing adoption fundraising firsthand it is hard work. Please continue praying for all these families in process. For these families this is when the negative thoughts creep in saying, why are we doing this, how will we ever find a way, does anyone really care that we are trying to rescue a child?

Lacey said...

I was just wondering the same thing! I have a friend that has been fundraising for months, and getting very little, delaying her adoption a ton. But then Adeye raises over 20,000 in one day. I'm not sure, I just wish I would win the lottery so I can start an organization in Arina's name to help fund adoptions!

Jenn said...

Stephanie, you DO so much!! Your prayers and the prayers of others mean more than any amount of money!! (Don't get me wrong R****A loves the $$ lol) Rochelle is right the further along you get the less the donations come in and you do start wondering if you're on the right path, if you have done everything you can etc. It's the prayers & encouragement from friends like you that keep us going :) Sending you hugs!!