Wednesday, October 23, 2013

She's A Whole Hand

As of yesterday my baby girl is now FIVE! That's a whole hand!!  It's been an amazing five years.

Five years that I would never have chosen for myself. A child I would have said, no thank you, to had I been given a choice.

I sit in awe of this child of mine. How could this itty bitty girl have caused such a change in me and my entire family. What powers does she possess that she was able to open our hearts and minds, take us by our hands and lead us gently and lovingly, into a world we never would have entered on our own?  

Is she a magical little imp? Casting spells as she goes?

In a way, maybe. As she does flit and flutter a bit like a fairy, and her smile has the capability to melt icebergs.
But no, it's not magic that she carries, but so much more. 

She carries an extra chromosome which some have dubbed the Divine Chromosome. Number 47 was blessed by God in a special way.

With  #47 comes love, and a pureness found only in Angels. A toughness to succeed but never to hurt. Forgiveness that flows like a gentle rain, and hugs that feel like the arms of God himself around you. She knows not how to hurt or belittle. She is full of trust ,and believes everyone else is too.  She has no prejudices, no judgement does she pass. 

She is the most Christ like person I have ever met. Goodness and love come naturally to her. Where as we all need to work so hard at it. 

Yes, she is special, but not because of her "needs". Emilia is special because she is the epitome of everything God wants us to be. Down syndrome is not some chromosomal defect, a genetic mishap. Nothing God does is an accident. 

The Divine Chromosome is just that.. . Em is filled with love from heaven. And she sprinkles it like pixie dust where ever she goes. 


Michelle said...

Goodness she is growing up so fast; getting so big! Happy 5th birthday beautiful girl!

Rochelle said...

Happy 5th birthday Emmie. We love you!

Emma said...

Loved this post. Happy belated birthday to peedie Em.

E x

Jeana said...

Happy Birthday Emmie!!! Love this post. It's all so true!