Thursday, October 3, 2013

Siblings and Down syndrome

One of the biggest worries I had when I found out Miss Em would be sporting an extra chromosome was how my other children would deal with it.

Would they bond? Would they love her? Would she love them? 

I think the picture speaks for itself

What in the world would they have in common?

Everything and nothing. Depends on the day. Just like any other bunch of siblings.

 How would they deal with a child with a disability.

What disability. ..  :)

 What would their friends think?

My daughter's friend Paula. Fits right in as another sister

 Would their friends feel "uncomfortable". 

They look pretty comfortable to me :)

Would my children be able to find their voices and advocate for their little sister? 

In a heartbeat!
No doubt about it.

Don't mess with the siblings because they love their Emmie!!! 

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Chromosomally Enhanced said...

This to was one of my major concerns,,,and you are so right they just accept and love...Max will often lead by example...he adores his sister and gets enough of her in the same breath...just like I did with my brother...I really think Max is more amazing now because he has Maddie...he learned at a young about empathy...and that's a gift...smiles