Saturday, June 19, 2010

Caution: Bragging Mom Inside

OK, before I completely pop with pride, I have to share my joy. The last day of school was yesterday and with it comes Report cards!! My kids have always done well but this year they just did SUPER! I struggled in school and to be able to see my kids do well makes me so happy.

Olivia made second honors!!! This means a lot since we will be looking at high schools this year. And they will be looking at her seventh grade, grades. She amazes me!

Here's Miss Bella's!! All four's and five's. Click to enlarge.

And notice how she brought her grade up in Writing / Composition. from a two to a FOUR!!! She had some issues earlier this year but pulled it together beautifully!! This really makes me burst with pride because Bella never thinks that she can do it. When it comes to school work, she gets very frustrated.

And Miss Sophia is next. Well this girl just breezes through. I've never seen her study, and I believe she was born knowing how to spell every word in the English language. we always go to her for a spell check.LOL If the fifth grade had Honors , she would be on them too!
Welcome to Middle School Sophia!!!!!

And I cannot leave out the Boy Wonder!! Kindergarten was a complete success! Andrew is now a first grader!! What a great year is ahead of him! Look at all his O's! O is for Outstanding. Click to enlarge.

I don't know how many of you are using this grading system. I can't stand it!! Four's and Five's are 90's to 100. Three's are 80's and Two's are 70's. One is failing. or something like that!LOL

I really wish they had stuck to regular numbers for grading. You knew exactly where you stood. This method leaves a lot of gray areas.

Thanks for listening, I'll be back to my normal posts soon!! LOL


Rochelle said...

Congratulations to everyone! WOWIE those are some impressive report cards, world leaders in the making!
Ice cream for everyone!!!

Bulldogma said...

HOORAY! A BIG "Congratulations" to all the kids!! That's awesome news!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! I hope the kids get to celebrate. :)

Denise said...

You have every right to be proud!! Great joy by all!! We have that kind of grading system too. Or at least something close. We have 1-5 with 5 being 92% and above. But we don't do the point thing (ie 4.2) Enjoy your summer with your smart kids. I have a few of those too. And I can already tell that Miss Em will be right there with the rest of your gang!!

Lacey said...

Great job kids! Tanner is in special ed classes, but he did so good this year after our horrible year last year. He is almost reading on his grade level, which is fabulous for an autistic kid!

a narretto said...

woo hoo thats something to brag about

Emily said...

Wooty woot woot! Great job kiddos!

mandd3 said...

Well, I hope you don't give out money for good grades, you'll be broke! Awesome job, and awesome you for nurturing the young brains they came with.

Kelly said...

YEAH!! Way to go.....awesome job:) This is such a great way to start off the summer!! And lots to celebrate! Congrats mommy, total bragging rights are all yours:)

Kele@ said...

Awww, it is soooo good to be back and reading about all my little loves!
HOORAY for the AWESOME grades you guys!!
Brag away Mama, can't think of any kiddo's more deserving!

Tina said...

You have every reason to brag...I'd be doing the same. Wonderful to read about how well they are doing, makes any parent proud. Now you can really have a great summer break