Friday, June 4, 2010

Good Morning Peter C

This handsome young man is my nephew Peter. His parents are sweet friends of ours and also Emilia's Godparents. That makes us family in my book, which makes Peter and all his beautiful siblings, our nieces and nephews.

Peter gets a post of his own today because I do believe he is one of my... or should I say Emilia's most loyal followers. He is the first one to check in on her in the morning. OK, I don't know if that's because he's figured out the quickest route to the computer or he is just a morning person. But he's always one of the first ones on the "blog".

He's there to see her after school(all our kids are in the same school) and has a genuine love for her. He loves to hold her and play with her. He will never see me and not ask about Emmie. If I post that she's not feeling well he will always make sure she's OK.

Probably without even realizing it, he is one of her biggest advocates!

And I would be remiss if I didn't say that ... Theresa, Maryann, Billy, Susie, Lucy, Carrie, Chrissie, Paula, Danny, Andrew, Elizabeth and Richie are also her most loyal followers, and take such good care of Emmie. They love her like another sister.

Peter (hubby) and I are so blessed to have you in our lives!

You are all my favorites!!! I love you all! See you at lunch today.

And BTW, who is babysitting tonight while Uncle Peter and I are at " The Greatest Show on Earth"?

No Ringling Brothers is not in town. It's the Ballet Culmination!!! LOL


Rochelle said...

Very sweet to have friends like Peter & family. Have fun on your date night!

Melinda said...

Well Steph, you did it, you managed to find a way to get me to comment in writing! (I always comment in person!) You know my thin computer skills make me hesitate to do this kind of stuff because I'm afraid I'll make an incorrect keystroke, and I'll have unwittingly scrambled fighter jets somewhere. Thanks for the kind words... we treasure your friendship. You make our life good. As predicted babysitting tonight will be tag team, Lucy first, then Carrie. Remind me (by phone) what time. Love you, M

To Love Endlessly said...

how sweet! M needs a Peter in her life. Too bad we're military and we live SOO far from family. She's a lucky lil girl that Emilia. :-)

Michelle said...

awww it sounds like there is going to be a special bond between those two!