Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Culmination week has come to and end. I am so thankful it's finished! The girls had their show this weekend and dress rehearsals all week. "The Greatest Show On Earth," as it has been dubbed in our house, went off with with just some minor problems. One of them being Olivia falling on a slippery stage while dancing in pointe, and hurting her ankle.

Thankful Sophia is so great at applying make up. After all these years you'd think I'd be the pro! I'm terrible!! But I can do hair!! Thank you Sophia !

Here's Miss Bella all set to go! Notice the great stage make up!

I'm thankful to Ashlyn. She is Sophia's ballerina buddy. I always get super pictures when she is around. She makes Sophia smile!

Aren't they cute!

And here are the injured pair. These lovely feet belong to Jordan and Olivia. Another set of ballerina buddies. Both with their left ankles wrapped. Both dancing regardless of the pain!

Olivia fell during the Friday night show. The show Peter and I were in the audience for. She rolled on here ankle and went down on her knee, and got right back up. Of course my heart stopped. She barely missed a step and kept on dancing. At first I thought she was just mad at herself for slipping, but as the dance went on I could see her fighting back the tears. She was in some major pain.

I have to brag here for a moment because those of you who dance or have kids that dance know what I'm talking about. She continued to dance in pointe for the entire time. Never improvising by staying on demi pointe, (half way up on your toes). If it weren't for the look on her face you would never know she was hurt. I met her as she came off stage and my heart broke. Seeing your child crushed and upset and hurt all at once is awful. And what was she concerned about? That Peter and I were in the audience. She kept saying," I didn't know you were watching this show! "I would have danced better". OK!!! Rip my heart out and tear it into tiny pieces!!!!!

Saturday she had two shows and absolutely intended on dancing in both. I was a nervous wreck. She got her ankle wrapped took her ibuprofen and iced until it was time to dance. I prayed! I watched from the wings with one of her teachers, completely unable to stop the tears. She did a beautiful job!!!

A mother who just happened to be in the audience the night Olivia fell was also volunteering backstage with me on Saturday and commented on how amazing Olivia was for continuing after the fall. She said she is a mentor and a trooper. I couldn't agree more! I am so proud of her.

And who wouldn't be thankful for this face!!!! What nut!

And I am thankful for only ten more days of school!! a rest is in sight.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Mom Of Many said...

Bella looks beautiful and I really love the picture of Sophia applying the make-up. {If there is any consolation, I stink at applying it too!}....

And your little guys face in the last pic...laughed out loud! Love it! HE looks like he needs a brother badly...too much estrogen running thru your home...haha

Kelly said...

What a team you have there, Stephanie.........they work so well together:) And what a trooper Olivia is....I used to dance (obviously when I was MUCH yonger), so I know how difficult that was for her!! And what a pic to end this post with.........Andrew is such a cutie!!!

scrappy quilter said...

Your kids are just awesome. I see they are taking after their mom. And how courageous to get right back up and continue dancing even in pain. Hugs

Bulldogma said...

I hope Olivia's ankle mends quickly! It's amazing just how common "slippery stage syndrome" is when it comes to ballet. When I was a teen, one of my friends danced with the American Ballet in NYC - she told stories of tours where they had to wash the hosting stage with Coca-Cola before they could dance on them (LOL). Give her a hug for me and tell her to keep that ankle elevated. Hugs for everyone else too! The girls all looked amazing! When will Emilia start ballet? :o)

To Love Endlessly said...

She looks beautiful! So do her friends. I cried some happy tears when I read she just got right back up again and then that she was kicking herself that she didn't dance well enough. Darn kids and their high expectations. What a girl you have there!

Rochelle said...

So thankful her ankle is ok. What a trooper! It brought me to tears just reading about her getting back up and thinking she would have done better had she known you were there! UGH! Glad she had a successful Saturday shows!

That picture of Andrew is so cute. Gotta love that boy of yours. He and Aidan would be good buddies they are so silly.

Bulldogma said...

LOL - reply to your reply and in answer to your question... I did an 8 month run of Peter Pan back in the olden days (I lived in Philly in high school so it was easy to do the east coast run with a couple off-Broadway shows) and the AB dancer played Tinkerbell. I suppose she was more of an acquaintance because although we performed 2 shows a day together for 8 months, she was not very interested in friendships with the rest of the cast. She was an amazing dancer, though!

Nowadays, we live in Roanoke, VA - it's not a metropolitan city at all, but it's quite beautiful. Our little Roanoke Ballet Theater where Iraq dances has a dancer from the San Francisco Ballet, and the owner was a world class ballerina from Peru! I never expected to find dancers like these in a quite little place like this - LOL! I was never cut out for ballet, but Iraq seems to be a natural. It looks like your beautiful girls are some real stars :o) Sending healing vibes for your daughter's ankle!!

Lacey said...

I remember hurting my knee at a competition, of all things. I finished the dance, but in the video you can see me limping off stage. On drill team, also at a competition, one of our girls actually tore her muscle away from her butt. She kept going and did a series of turns before hobling off stage. The injury just to big to keep going. Oh the memories, I miss dance so much! Now you know why i want a girl so bad!

Beverly said...

sounds like a busy, busy week! glad all is well now. the girls look so beautiful!