Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here is the dress rehearsal video of Olivia's ballet. This is not her fall. She is the first one to come in from the left, and later is in the center, front line. As soon as she breaks from the group and heads to the center is when she fell . It's right in the beginning. I didn't realize that until I watched the video again. She danced most of the dance hurt.

You can also see the girl to the right in the front line walk off stage during the dance. She broke my heart. She is Olivia's teachers daughter and one of the nicest kids. She's been injured and just couldn't make it through. and also you will see another girl fall due to the slippery floor. She was not injured.

It's a beautiful dance, and the girls all did such a great job. I love this class. The girls have been together for about 6 years or so and they really work well together. If your into ballet you'll enjoy it.


Paula said...

Olivia danced beautifully and really well! great job Olivia :)
Paula Cavanagh :)

my family said...

what a great job, you could see the discouragement in the poor girls disposition...so sad

Bulldogma said...

It looks like the floor was like ice! I'm amazed how beautifully the girls did even with such a hurdle to overcome. Your daughter is a wonderful dancer!! How is her ankle??

Rochelle said...

Beautiful job Olivia! She is a fabulous dancer!!!

mandd3 said...

She is a fabulous dancer, and a very brave girl with quite the determined spirit. She did great, and that floor does look like ice.

Sasha said...

What beautiful dancers. I used to take ballet as a child...to bad I didn't continue past a few classes. Great job.