Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thankful Sunday

It's a rainy gloomy Sunday and I can already tell the hustle will be on to get everyone dressed and ready for church. I'm getting a late start and when Mama's late we're all late!

Thanks for the prayers for Sophia. She wasn't able to finish this year. She has been dealing with a mild sprain and it got the best of her yesterday. We were sitting at the one mile marker and she had to stop at that. With tears in her eyes, she reluctantly had to sit it out. But I'm thankful that she made it to us at the one mile. And her ankle is no worse for it. Now I have two girls fighting for the ice pack!!

I'm thankful that Sophia has such a great friend. her name is Paula. She's actually Peter's twin sister. I wrote a post about Peter last week. She did a great job in the race. Back at the finish line there were goodie bags for all the racers. Since Sophia never went back to the finish line she didn't get her bag. There was a really nice t shirt in it. I was speaking to Paula later and just mentioned that I felt bad Sophie didn't get her bag, because she would have liked the t shirt. Without any hesitation Paula handed me her t shirt to give to Sophia. She insisted since so many of her siblings ran in the race there would be plenty of t shirts in her house.
Paula you're a sweetheart!!!!!!

Here's Sophia coming over to us. She doesn't look too happy.

Waiting for the parade to start. Andrew instantly freaked out when the guns started firing. And we left shortly after. Just keeping the tradition, LOL

VERY Thankful that I got to actually speak to a dear friend on the phone !!!!! Kele , Presley's mom and I finally talked after a game of phone tag! We talked like we were friends since birth and were right next door to each other. It was lovely!!

Thankful for only FIVE more days of school!!!!

And last week Sophia and I went to the park early in the morning. Her to run and me to walk. I'm thankful for the sweet surprise we saw when we got there. Two young deer were standing right in the middle of the park. Very unlikely place to find deer. The park is right in the middle of our neighborhood. There is just a small patch of woods around half the park. Well these two saw us and we saw them and just stopped. They were just hysterical. You could so tell that the sensible one wanted to leave, but the curious one wanted to stay. As she walked away slowly the other tried to entice her to stay and play. What a show we had. Of course no pictures. Who would think there would be any thing to tale pictures of at the crack of dawn??

And yesterday Emilia got her new car seat! Yes! she's 20 pounds and now has a lovely rear facing booster seat. And I'm thankful it was on sale, and I'm thankful that Babies R Us was having a car seat check in the parking lot yesterday. If you had your seat checked you got a 20% coupon for a new seat! YEAH we got even more off!!! And they installed the new seat.

And today I'm thankful that there is NOTHING on the schedule!!! A day of rest, as God intended!

Everyone enjoy the day!!!


Bulldogma said...

Hope Sophia's ankle feels better soon. How cool to see deer in the park... and perhaps they're telling all their friends they saw people in the park!
Yay for a new car seat!!

Kelly said...

Sophia is such a trooper for making it as far as she did. Good for you!! And what a sweet friend you have!!

Wow, Em, 20lbs and a new carseat?! Riding in go girl!!

mandd3 said...

First, you were cracking me up with the "married to the same man" thing. We affectionately refer to mine as Grumpy Smurf.
Second, Sophia did fantastic to even attempt and get as far as she did. Very determined children indeed.
Have a Blessed Sunday!

Rochelle said...

Sorry Sophia didn't get to finish the race, but what a blessing Paula was in sharing! Love to see how God works through these sweet children.

Yeah for being over 20 pounds Em, and getting a new seat! woo hoo!

Enjoy your day off my dear friend, hope it is a super fun, relaxing family day for everyone.

Tina said...

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. It's so great to just nothing on the agenda at times. Make the most of the time with the entire family.

Sorry about Sophia but I am sure there's going to be next year. What a wonderful friend she has though. God bless her.

Have a blessed Sunday :)