Friday, December 3, 2010

Can You Give This Christmas Away?

please scroll down and pause my music to hear this beautiful song, that just says it all

Can you give just a small piece of Christmas away to a little girl who has nothing? Can you fore go the coffee, the sandwich, the candy bar?  One less stocking stuffer in an already bulging stocking?  What can you get for Five dollars these days? Not a whole lot of quality things. But how about HOPE. If HOPE only cost five dollars would you buy it for yourself? Would you buy it for everyone you knew. How much money would you spend?

 It would be the perfect Christmas present and everyone would be so amazed ! They would all say," Where did you find it, what a bargain! It's the best Christmas present I ever got! Thank you!"

How about being a Christmas Hero for a little girl named Olga! She has no Hope what so ever. How about we cover her with Hope this Christmas! Hope that someone out there knows she's alive! Someone cares! Some one loves her!
Olga is an Orphan in Eastern Europe, who needs a family!  Please go and see Olga at Reece's Rainbow, and please give her some HOPE! Every single dollar is one dollar closer to a forever family. The more she has in her account the more likely some one will commit to her. Maybe even by Christmas!

You can donate here! I took my chip in down because it wasn't showing any updates and there have been donations! Then it just disappeared all together. It's safe and easy to go here to donate. Please give a way just a small piece of your Christmas to a child who has no one. I'm absolutely sure if we all give a small piece of our Christmas  to Olga she will get a forever family. Wouldn't that be worth it???   
And thank you so much to all who already gave Hope to Olga!


Lacey said...

I was just thinking that I look at Arina and can't believe she was in an orphanage! I also can't believe that I was ever in Ukraine, halfway around the world! Its an amazing experience and I highly recommend it. It can be done, even when it seems impossible!

Rochelle said...

We also sponsored our sweet Maria that we have been praying for over the past year and already recieved her ornament for our tree. So cool. Maybe one day she will be under our tree...