Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This is not the post I had planned to write today. I was thinking something lite and easy to read. But after a heart wrenching email from a friend and I good cry on my part until my head hurt, the fluff went out the door. 

Why the hell is it that the rest of the freakin' world cannot see what we see?  Why when I go to Reece's Rainbow, I see the face of God in every single child.  Why is it that most of us had to have a child with Down syndrome to realize the magic? 

Why is it that those crossed eyed and skinny, and delayed , and sometimes ill little children look like heaven to me. Why is it that I could close my eyes and happily take whichever one my finger landed on! 

If your still with me I know you are shaking your head in agreement. Because you know about the magic.  

Why can others not see past all of this? Why can't they see the child. The child that needs some love! A child that will thrive in a loving environment.Seriously! We call ourselves a civilized nation! How many people in our civilized nation are repulsed by people with Ds?  I've seen the hate groups on FB. So have you. More than I care to admit, they're out there. 

I'm mad today! I'm mad because there are people out there who want to adopt these sweets, myself included and can't. I'm mad because there are people out there who can adopt and won't.I'm mad because there are people out there who can help and don't think these children are worth helping. 

And you know what! I'm going to stay mad, because that's when things get done. I'm not going to get comfortable. I wish the world would get mad! Mad that there are children being sent to institutions for the rest of their damn lives because they are not seen as productive human beings. DEFINE PRODUCTIVE!

I have to get the kids up for school. Here's what I'm doing today. I'm praying and fasting for the lives of so many on RR. if you feel compelled to join me, please do. I'm new to fasting, but a true believer in it thanks to a dear friend, Linny, who has the BIGGEST heart for orphans that I've ever seen.   

Jesus fasted for forty days I can handle once a week for Olga and her buddies to get a home, for ignorance to be erased, and forever families to hear the calling. If today doesn't work for you then pick a day that does. But, say a prayer today... 

NOTE!! The email did not  ignite my outrage! The email was from a friend with a HUGE heart that would snatch up Olga in a second!!!
I'm just upset that Olga could have a family or two by now if finances weren't an issue and that frustration led to this post! I'm upset that so many families out there shun the thought of adopting these kids because they are not "perfect". Again , DEFINE PERFECT! Sorry for the confusion about the email. 


Scrappy quilter said...

And I'm right with you. Read my post today and you'll understand why. Hugs

Lacey said...

I'm guessing it was a bad email, how dare someone!
Send people to these blogs, mine included, see these sweet babies that just thrive when home. They'll know that they are no different than any other child. put a paper bag over her face so you can't see her beautiful features, and you'll never know that she wasn't a "typical" child. Or what America thinks is "typical"

Rochelle said...

Thankful for friends like you who have heard God's call and are following it. Others don't understand because they don't want to.
We are praying for our dear orphans on a daily basis and will continue to do so. We will definitely fast with you and seek God's guidance on where we fit into this picture too.

stephanie said...

NO, NO!!!! It was not a negative email towards orphans or Ds. It was just from someone who cares so very much!!!!

I'm just Olga could have a family or two by now if finances weren't an issue and that frustration led to this post!

Patti said...
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LizBeth said...

I wish some of these people who think productive is defined by making money, etc., etc., could see what a child who happens to have Downs really does contribute. He teaches those of us who think we are so big and mighty and productive what it is to need someone else. What it is to love unconditionally. What it is to notice the small things in life when everyone else is too busy. . . . . . I remember one time in Arizona when our little son spied a young, dirty, grungy druggie loafing down the sidewalk. He broke away from me and went "running" down the sidewalk, grabbed the guy around the legs, gave him a tight hug, then turned loose and came running back to me to get in the car. The fellow was stunned, like something had just waked up in him, but I have a strong suspicion that both had heard from God. . . . . Another time my brother had surgery. He had a long recovery ahead of him. The Organizer prayed constantly for him. He stopped many times throughout the days to mumble his prayers then go back to what he was doing. Finally, one day, I noticed that he wasn't praying like that anymore. On a hunch I called my brother to see how he was doing. He was fully recovered. . . . . . . People who hear from God are not unproductive -- no matter what the world system may think. ~Liz

Melissa M said...

I am so glad I signed up to be a prayer warrior on RR for Celine. I love seeing her face on my fridge every day and behing reminded of all of the kids that NEED our help!