Sunday, April 29, 2012


You did it!!!!!!

Oh Miss Carina if you only knew how many people love you!!!!

Come on Mama!! $5000.00 for you already!!! 

She's waiting for YOU!!

Please hurry!!!!

Her transfer is imminent!!

Carina needs to be rescued. She needs to go home. She's waited long enough.

Giveaway ends tomorrow!Let's keep it going !!! Donate , share and pray! Pray for the miracle... the family to come for her soon! 

Giveaway here!!


Mettle said...

Yay!! So happy to see this! Hopefully her mama will see this too and will feel more confident in stepping forward right now!

Rochelle said...

NO my friend YOU did it! You shouted from the rooftops for this girl. I know her family is listening, praying that they say yes and move forward!

Julia said...

I donated 10.00 because an even number just didn't sit right with me and anyway - YOU INSPIRE ME... YOU JUST KEEP YELLING AND YELLING AND YELLING AND YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!