Saturday, April 21, 2012

Need a Little Emmie?

Miss Em has been having a great week. No school, she hardly napped and she's been partying all night with her sibs! Life is good for this Chick , let me tell you. She has it made!

Monday morning is going to hit her ... and the rest of us HARD!

Thank goodness it's almost summer vacation. I think we can all suck it up for another two months.

Here's what Em's been up this week.

A little yard work. And let me stress "little".  She'd much rather make a mess than clean one up.

 Yesterday we actually got the pool ready. The weather has been so incredible we just took advantage of it, plus Bella was bound and determined to get the job done!

 Emmie giving Bella a pedicure. Wonder how long she'll consider this fun??

Nothing like an eyeball to eyeball snuggle on the couch hours past your bedtime!

Oh and the cheesy Cheetos smile mixed with just a touch of brownie mix. Mmm Mmm Good!

Yesterday was a record day for Carina's Hope Giveaway. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to everyone sharing, praying and donating . And I cannot stress how important sharing, and praying is. I believe with out them there would be no donating. So please don't stop praying!!! And Sharing!!  it may seem like it isn't making a difference but oh my goodness it certainly is! 

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Rochelle said...

Love that sweet little cheesy, chocolate face!