Monday, April 2, 2012

From Fear To Excitement!

Carina's Hope Giveaway is almost ready!!! In the beginning I was hopelessly lost and freakin scared to attempt this , but now I'm almost giddy! Yes I just used the word GIDDY!

I have had the best experience gathering things for this giveaway! People have been generous and kind and just really made it easy for me!

I'm just waiting for a few more photos and then I'll be all set!

I've put this one in Gods hands. This is all for Carina. This is her HOPE. This is for her future!

I cannot fail! I cannot let her life end in an institution.  

No matter what this giveaway raises as far as money, I already know it has raised awareness and it will continue to! 

More and more people are looking at Carina. They are seeing her. She is a familiar face. And that's what is going to get her adopted. 

She needs to be seen!

Still accepting donations! I'm grateful for anything. And blessed to have what I already do. 

And this makes me GIDDY!!!



1 comment:

Rochelle said...

Yahoo, been praying that this is a huge success and her family sees her and runs to rescue her before she is sent to the institution!