Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Power of Sharing

You just never know! 

When something is written, and put out on the Internet, that means the world now has a chance to see it. 

Someone puts something out there and it can instantly travel to the other side of the world, with one click of a button. Just a click. What power!!!!

That's why I'm such a  stickler about sharing. I try to share whatever comes my way. 

One time on FB, someone posted about a little boy who was in need of a new wheelchair and of course their insurance company wasn't going to cover it. So he was in a contest to win one. I voted and actually as an afterthought I hit that share button. 

A little while later I got a message from another FB friend, who saw my share and has also "shared" the story about this little boy. He was in contact with a Friend who saw the story on his wall, because he shared it, and wanted to buy this boy his wheelchair!


Listen to this!

My friend April who blogs at The Narretto Family, shared my giveaway. Here is what she wrote to me the other day.

"My heart was touched last night....a girl I went to school with (elem-high school) fb me after I shared your giveaway link and said she donated. Sometimes it so frustrating b/c it seems like so many don't read it or maybe don't think this is real and possibly don't care but to know she donated to help Carina made me so happy and I know others are reading too. She said she would pray about her and what a terrible situation this is...touching lives one at a time is how this works right?"

I believe with my whole heart that Carina's mama is out there. And odds are, she has a FB.

She literally could be a click away!

So please, sharing (to me) is as important as donating, and praying. It's just a click. It's free, it's easy, you don't even have to write anything. Just Click. 

Please today can we click the heck outta this giveaway, for Carina???

It takes about one second if you click really, really slowly.   

Here is the Giveaway. Just click. And please share wherever you can.   

And remember that, those  few seconds that it takes to share, is all for her. She is worth that and so much more. 


Rochelle said...

Love, love, love will keep sharing, Come on Carina's mama!

Rebecca said...

Ciao Stephanie,ho letto il tuo blog per caso..sono nuova ed ho letto il tuo primo post,sono ITALIANA. In famiglia ho anche io una persona affetta da sindrome Down,tanta paura tanta preoccupazione..oggi cè solo un grande amore!Senza di lei la casa e vuota.
Auguri per i tuoi 3 anni nel blog cmq..un bacio