Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mommy's Humilliating Moment... Moments

Okay some of you were lucky enough to catch this on FB and from the comments, I guess you all had a pretty good laugh. Some of you even contributed your own embarrassing Mommy moment. 

I thought it only fair that my bloggy friends who didn't hear about my antics on FB have a chance to read about it here.

I guess it was a about a week ago, Peter and I were in the grocery store. And I was wiping Em's hands. I noticed that her thumb was swollen to twice it's normal size.  It was huge!!!  I couldn't imagine what could have happened. We had just picked her up at school and her teacher didn't mention anything happening at school.  I went outside to call her pediatrician and explained the swollen thumb, and asked to be seen right away. I was proud that I didn't hesitate in making an appointment.  As Peter came out with the groceries I was putting the baby in the car and it was then, and only then, it occurred to me to compare her two thumbs.  Well, for a split second I did try to convince myself that both her thumbs were swollen to twice their size. IT COULD HAPPEN!!

As I hung my head and called Peter over, I knew what I had to do. I had to call the pedi and explain that obviously a miracle had taken place and God had healed my daughters swollen thumb.  Yes I really thought about saying that. 

How could I admit that I'm crazy and thought her thumb was swelling right before my eyes, when in reality it was just pudge! She's got really fat thumbs!!

I called back, no more than 10 minutes after I called to make the first appointment and told them her thumb was no longer swollen! It must have been a bug bite!  Imagine that, It's just fine now!

This story is humiliating enough to stand on it's own, but it's gets better. Read on!

Not two day later, I was dressing Em and noticed a strange purplish, blue mark on her chest.It was pretty big , covering the center of her chest. And it had a a blue line going through it. She had one on her arm too. I wiped it with a wipe and it didn't come off. I freaked! A huge bruise on her chest!!! WTHeck was this!

I call the doctors office again.Sure that they didn't remember my stupidity from two days ago and sure that this was something serious. I was not going to wait and see if it went away on it's own. 

Okay appointment made, off we go!

As the doctor was examining her I could see a concerned look on her face. See..I was right! Something 's wrong!!!
She then proceeded to wipe alcohol on the suspicious "bruise"

I wondered what she was doing.  I was getting a little nervous.

Then she started to wipe the spot. 

I was concerned she was hurting Emmie. I mean a bruise that size must be tender.

Then it happened. And I was rolling in humiliation yet again. Only this time it was face to face and no way out. 

Miss Em's strange bruise was...  Grape Popsicle

Curse that Popsicle!!!!! I knew I should have thrown her in the tub before we went to the doctors!!!!

Lesson learned! Keep your kid cleaner with regular bathing and don't panic immediately! Give yourself at least five minutes for rational thinking to take over the panic stricken mode induced by years of stress.

In taking my own advise, this latest discovery, strange and unexplainable blue dots, DID NOT lead to any Humiliating Mommy Moments! Whew!



ch said...

Oh, you little STINKER! Cannot stop laughing at the grape popsicle. STINKER!

Rochelle said...

Still laughing from when you shared it on FB. I love you dear friend you always make my day. What was she painting?

DJ Jazzy Jeff said...


One time I called my husband in a panic thinking my 3 yr old had broken her pinky finger (though she didn't seem in pain) I took a picture of it and sent it to him, all the while thinking of the fastest way to the ER.
He then very gently explained to me that her finger was just really crooked and had always been like that. oops!

Mommy moments are always great for a laugh...after the fact ;D

stephanie said...

Rochelle I'm pretty sure Em just felt like adding some blue dots to herself,as nothing else in the house was blue. lOL

Dee Etheridge said...

Oh Stephanie! That is too funny!

I worked as a Child Protective Service Investigator for 8 years. I received an immediate response one day b/c a teacher had noticed a child had blood on her arm and when asked IN ENGLISH the SPANISH-Speaking child told the teacher something about her dad.

Well, I get to the house with a translator and we proceed to try to figure the story out. There is a strange red mark on her arm that resembles blood. The child tells the translator her dad and she were wrestling the night before. We talk with mom. She looks at the mark and after much consultation, takes a wet towel and proceeds to wipe away the red marker on the child's arm.

Case was closed immediately and my translator and I laughed all the way back to the office.