Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm absolutely determined to have Carina's account reach $5000.00(or more) by April 30th.

$333.50 is all that is needed to make that happen and in five days that is so possible.It can happen in five minutes. That's about $66.00 a day. 


 It has to happen. Because she is four! And she will be transferred. And she still needs a mama!

Look at her face. She is perfect in every way. Yet she will be transferred to an institution. 

I am hell bent on  reaching a goal. I will not stop. I will continue to fight for Carina until she is home. 

She has no one else but us to be her voice. 

So I will continue to scream for her.

Because if I am silent, and you are silent , then her light goes out forever.

And I know God wants more for Carina. There is a sparkle in those blue eyes that if given the chance will dazzle, everyone. And I know she has a giggle that would be simply contagious, if she let it out. 

Please help me reach this goal. I know you have all done so much already. But if you haven't entered Carina's Hope Giveaway yet and you can, please do. Even a few dollars will make a difference. Please share and pray! 

I will stick by my belief that "sharing" will find her mama! 

My greatest fear, is one day soon I'm going to go to Reece's Rainbow and see that dreaded red print saying "ALREADY TRANSFERRED" on her bio. 

 I may not be able to stop a transfer but I have to do everything possible to reduce her time in hell!

 And I just really want to say thanks for all the support! I know there is a lot going on out here. So many fund raisers, and every one of them trying to raise a ransom for some child. And so many of them are families trying to get fully funded! I know that so many of you are trying to support as many as possible and I also realize it is impossible to support everyone.  So I know how hard it is, and I appreciate every single penny, every single share and every single prayer!

 To see the Giveaway click here, and don't forget to leave a comment telling me which item/items you want your entries on.  It doesn't matter which post, (this one or the giveaway one) you leave comments on, I'll get them.

Thank you!

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Rochelle said...

You rock sister! Amazing!