Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Me Time Tuesday-:Homemade Pedi

OK, here it is , Tuesday again. I'm loving this!!! The secret to finding any time for yourself is being organized. Of course the gift of bi- location would really help too!

This is my week in a nutshell. Give or take.

Up early, get four kids off to school. I drive them because it's around the corner.

Clean up the house because Em usually has one of her therapies in the late morning, and on Wednesday's I volunteer for lunch duty at school.

If there is time before her therapy.
I start dinner and get snacks ready for the girls to take to ballet after school.

After therapy is time for laundry and other boring jobs around the house. Or errands out of the house.

After that, Em gets lunch and a nap.

This is when I try to to get a little me time in!!!! Which was a much needed pedi! Albeit at home but who cares! My feet were very grateful!

because after that....

The clock strikes three, and and the four little mice find there way home.

Well, we actually just slow by the house to let the boy out and keep going to ballet. It's about ten miles away. All highway, all traffic. Depending on the day I either wait it out there for a couple of hours( it's too far to come home in traffic, as soon as I got home it would be time to go back, it's just a waste of gas) or if they are there longer I do go home and whoever is there gets dinner.

After dinner I go collect the girls from ballet. Hopefully their homework has been done during their break.

During that brief home time I try to get the baby and the boy bathed and ready for bed.

In between the ballet there are a couple of days of gymnastics that just add to the driving time.

The best part is the help I get from Peter. He is usually around so I don't have to lug the baby with me.

So being organized is key!!!Last year I was not!!! And it was a tough year. So far this year is going great!!! it's all about getting the things done, that need to be done, when they need to be done. "Scarlett" just can't put things off anymore.

A huge help is cooking ahead of time. On mornings when Em doesn't have anything I make a couple of dinners . And I make sure I get everything I need for snacks and cooking at the store. I have to admit I am a scatterbrain, and writing things down helps!!

I actually had time yesterday to make an afternoon cup of coffee, and enjoy it on the deck. That never happened before!

It definitely won't happen every day with doctor appointments and other unforeseen obstacles that will throw themselves in my path, as you all know. But most days it works.

So what did you do this week???


The VW's said...

Pretty toes!!! :)

Great job getting organized.....I'm still working on that one!


Kelly said...

LOL....I LOVED this post (even though my heart was racing when I read it.....and to think I come to work to relax)!! So this is why you and I have such a hard time finding 5 minutes to chat!!! lol

Your schedule sounds alot like mine.....CRAZY & HECTIC (only we replace ballet with soccer & flag football)....boys....*sigh*!!

Happy that you found your "me time" today. Hoping that I find mine sometime later on tonight when all the children are nestled and snug in their beds!!!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

what a crazy schedule - i feel like this too!!! glad you found some "me" time... i am going to dinner tonight w/ girlfirends - yeah :)
your homemade pedi looks GREAT!!!

Denise said...

Your toes look great!! Good for you!! I always dream of getting more organized with my day. My biggest issue is planning meals. Could you email me a few suggestions of meals you are able to make early in the day or ahead of time...I am sinking here!!

Rochelle said...

Crazy schedule, but you sound like you are getting organized so it isn't so crazy.
Good for you on the pedi! Super cute!

Bulldogma said...

Pretty pedi! I can relate to your schedule :) I love your idea about cooking a few meals in the morning - I may have to try that some time!

To Love Endlessly said...

holy crow lady! have you breathed lately?!? I'm glad that you are more organized this year and that seems to be giving you time for yourself. Much needed time! I need to start writing these tips down for when I have these boys and our house of 3 turns to 5!

Lacey said...

Oh thats what I'm going to do when I finally have some me time. Do my piggies!

Lori said...

I am so far behind on reading blogs (let alone keeping my own up to date) - I think I will take some Me time and do some catching up! =)

Give that Sweet Emilia a hug for me! =)

Tina said...

Wow those toes look great. You won't believe it but my me-time this week was also a pedi last friday!!! Isn't that strange, but I just didn't manage to get enough me-time to actually write about it. Coming back to your day, gosh my head is spinning just reading about it, hats off to you I don't know how you manage to do it, I do admire you and here I complain about having no time. You deserve an award my friend.