Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Now that school and the craziness has started again the weeks are going by even faster. The kids have been in school for almost a month already. Wasn't I just sitting here posting that it was almost the first day of school?

Once October hits time will go by even faster. There are lots of activities in October, and then dare I say the holidays will be upon us. 

I have something very amazing to be thankful for this week, but you have to go read it for yourselves. I've left links to this blog before . Linny is simply amazing. She organized a day of prayer and fasting, not just for herself,  she opened it up to every one's requests. Take a moment to read some of the requests, and I'm sure you will be feeling thankful. 
Then read here how prayers were answered.

I can't wait until she does this again.

I'm thankful for the birthday present Sophia made for me, a slide show of all our photos. It's just beautiful.

And I'm thankful that yesterday while I was out, Miss Sophia took it upon herself to clean the house. something I didn't feel like doing at all yesterday. What  a great feeling it was to walk in and see a clean and organized home!

And we are all thankful for this costume! Miss E's Godmother Melinda bought it for her. 

There will definitely be more pictures of Miss E in  this costume through the month of October!

Blessings to you all this Sunday!


Tina said...

Wow just went to Linny's blog and have been glued to it for the last powerful simply amazing. The person I thought about was Lois...I really hope some powerful prayers went her way.

I hope you had a great Sunday and yes certainly want to see more pictures of Miss Em in that adorable costume!!!!

Rochelle said...

Oh please send Sophia to my house. What a super blessing that must have been to walk into a clean house. So sweet!
Love Em's costume, can she get any more cute? Have a great week.

heidi marie said...

Definitely some great things to be thankful for! And I can't believe how fast time is flying by either. I nervously waited until henry's first day of school and now weeks have passed.

Em's costume is adorable!!

The VW's said...

Such a cute costume.....precious! Sounds like you have some very helpful and caring daughters! Great job Momma! Hugs!