Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thankful Sunday

There is more than just a feeling of fall in the air. There are in your face signs that summer is being escorted out. Acorns are dropping like bombs in my backyard, leaves are beginning to turn, and that smell, that beautiful smell of fall is in the air.

This week has me feeling a bit melancholy, it's the last week before Olivia's thirteenth birthday.I just look at her and I am overcome with so many emotions.

Poor kid, it's tough to have a mom who gets weepy over everything.

But I'm thankful this week too!

I'm thankful my friend Melinda who is always thinking of others, she picked up this adorable dress for me, from Old Navy. Oh, and why Old Navy?? Because our Mall is OPENED!!! In case you missed my post about that. hahaha! The best part is that it fits! YAY!

Thankful, oh so very thankful our school is doing well. Enrollment is up! I don't know what I'd do without our school.

Thankful for this crazy boy! And thankful Sophia helped that tooth out! I cannot do teeth. Grosses me out! Don't even want to see it wiggle.

Thankful Miss Em is doing well in PT. We are moving her session out of the house and in to the playground! She is going to love it! We pretty much confirmed she was ready for bigger and better things when I caught her climbing the ladder to the pool. Only a parent of a child with special needs can have that overwhelming feeling of pride and fear all at once, when you see your kid just go for it. it's "Yay she can climb a ladder... OMGoodness it's the pool!" Gotta love it.

And I'm thankful Emmie's lovely nose isn't sporting anymore yucky snot. Her sinus infection hit the road. And she is back to normal! Ha! What am I saying, she's back to her crazy self! No one in this family is normal!

Have a lovely and Blessed Sunday!!!!


To Love Endlessly said...

that last shot of Miss em certainly captures a crazy cute little girl. haha!! When we got back from vacation and we were unloading the car Marissa climbed ALL by herself to the very top of the stairs! Fear and pride all mixed into one for that grand event. :-) boy, am I glad we don't have a pool. yikes!!

Ashlyn/Layla said...

Hey, Is that Dewey's First Tooth?
Emmy looks so Cute in that Picture!
and I Can't Believe Olivia is Turning 13!

Gotta go, Eat Breakfest, Get Ready for Nutcracker Auditions Today, I Hope to see you Guys there!

Lacey said...

Love it. Don't love how cold it is at night now and I'll have to start carrying a sweatshirt with me. Pretty soon we'll be freezing even during the day, yuck!

Rochelle said...

So thankful Em is feeling better. Hope you guys have a great week.

The VW's said...

Fall is definitely in the air.....and I love it! Hope your family is able to get out and enjoy the splendor! Hugs!!!

Tina said...

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. So happy to hear that Emmie is feeling back to her old self again. Saira is just coming down with something, nose it blocked and she's started coughing...oh dear not looking forward to it, poor girl.

Kelly said...

YAY for Em feeling better!! I am sure she is going to love being outside for PT=) I hope the kids are enjoying being back to school!! Have a wonderful week....let's talk soon!

Kim said...

Always love those sweet smiles! She is a little ham! Trying to catch up in the blog world. Life is crazy with a very mobile two year old!