Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thankful Sunday

What a beautiful but chilly morning it is. Definitely a hint of fall in the air.

Today I am thankful for answered prayers. I've been praying for some special people and so many good things have been happening. A wonderful family is right at this moment bringing their son home! He is meeting his forever family. If you have a moment jump over and congratulate Stacy and her family. It's been a journey but God is good and all is going well.

I'm Thankful for a prayer that I received, well sort of bumped into on FB. It was posted by Andrew's teacher. WHO I LOVE!! It's in my sidebar.

I'm thankful for waking up early this morning. The alarm clock went off at 5:30 and although I didn't need to get up that early today I couldn't go back to sleep. Which is just fine because I got to watch the sun come up through the trees and the sky get bluer and bluer. it's one of those incredible mornings, I'm glad I didn't sleep through.

Thankful I got to see Andrew enjoy his day yesterday.

And thankful Miss Em is feeling better. She had a nasty sinus infection. After five days on antibiotics I am finally seeing an improvement. Poor kid, I used to get sinus infections every spring and fall. Since she was born I haven't had one. I sure didn't want to pass those on to her!

And most importantly, I am thankful that I am able to recognize Gods hand in my life. So much has been going on. I know I've mentioned in the past that our finances were not good, they still are not. But Jesus is making Himself so present in our lives, that there is comfort. Yes, I still stress over the bills, but there is a calmness that's here that wasn't before. There is a voice that is whispering, "look, look what is happening, I am with you".

I'm wishing you all a morning as beautiful as mine! Enjoy!


LizBeth said...

If you had had any idea how things would go with Miss Em, you might have called your blog Smiles Every Minute (well, mostly!). She is such a dear. We have her swinging on the desktop right now.

So glad Andrew had a good time with Thomas. Little boys should not have to grow up so fast. I hope he enjoys every moment of his childhood.


Lacey said...

Its a beautiful day here today too! I think we'll take advantage and go swimming while we still can!

scrappy quilter said...

Sweet friend, another wonderful Thankful Sunday post. I always look forward to reading yours. That little Em is so cute. Glad you had so much fun with Andrew. You are so right, they grow up so fast. Glad you got to spend another fun day. Hugs and love

mandd3 said...

I'm catching up on all the blogs and I have to say that I loved, loved reading about Andrews day! I hope he still wants to see Thomas next year. Tell your husband not to burst that bubble just yet! Glad Emmie's heart is doing great, and so glad you are feeling the Lord's touch in your life. I was blessed with that around the 8th month of my pregnancy and it never left. I still get upset and such but I always return to this place inside that is really peaceful and it is such a gift. I hope the same is true for you - you deserve it.

Rochelle said...

Great thankfuls as always, Glad Andrew enjoyed Thomas (even if it was the last time).
Sounds like you are having a great weekend!

The VW's said...

Such a cute picture of Miss Em!!!

Glad to read that God is showing you peace in your life!

Love and Hugs!!!

Kele@ said...

He never leaves us, that is certain.
I am so happy you are feeling the Lord work in your life sweet friend. You have so many blessings, there is no doubt in that!!!