Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Me Time Tuesday

I almost forgot it was Tuesday!!

Ok, so this week was an easy one. My birthday!!! I had twenty- four hours of "me time"!! Believe me I used it to it's fullest. I didn't even change a stinky diaper!
Woo Hoo!!!! And there were a couple that day too. haha!

Plus I've been purposely and randomly just taking a few minutes to go out on my deck and just breathe for a moment, look at the flowers or just feel the sun on my face. Don't laugh, it really helps. Let's face it, everyday is not going to allow for an elaborate "me time", but it's all about the quality not the quantity.

A few minutes in the sun, another in quiet prayer, it all adds up and it all improves the quality of my day. I swear my patience has improved. I'm staying organized and I'm not rushing around all day long, running in circles.

The Little Dumpling helping with the laundry so I can have some more "me time" yeah right,hehe.

I am loving all your comments every week!!! Thanks

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crazy missy said...

I'd like to call Chianti & Beer, oh, and let's not forget 'margarita' my "me time"...and with them, it IS the quantity not the quality-haha Love you bud-happy day to you and the gorgeous fam!!!!!

Rochelle said...

Thankful for your me time! Sounds great.

mandd3 said...

Well, I'm reading this while the kids are upstairs and I have a glass of wine at close hand. Does that count?

Glad your birthday was something special!

Shannon said...

Oh!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
Hope it was wonderful! I totally get how precious a few moments of prayer in the quiet or the sun on your face can feel so incredible at this stage!
Blessings on you,

To Love Endlessly said...

sounds like an absolutely perfect me day! Happy Birthday to you and enjoy that little laundry helper. lol!