Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just A Little Fluff

Okay most of the time I try to keep my blog about things that are important, or at least interesting to others. But I just gotta share my excitement about the MALL opening back up. Since that flood back in March it's been closed.
In all honesty I don't know which was a bigger inconvenience in my life, the mall being closed or my lower level being destroyed along with our bedrooms. It's a really close call.

I'm also glad to report I now have walls in my bedroom!!!!! something I haven't seen in months!
We are almost back to normal!

One thing I don't have is a bed. SIGH
I never thought to check it since it didn't get wet, but just being down there did. Mold!
But I have an air mattress for now. I'm sure God will help provide a bed, eventually.


The VW's said...

Sorry about your bed! But, yay for walls! And, YAY for the mall opening again! :)

Mom Of Many said...

I would be thrilled if that mall was near me and was opening up again too...I share your joy!!

Emily said...

Yippee for malls re-opening! Hope you get your bed soon!

Denise said...

The mall definitely wins out against the bedrooms....I mean, come on, we need stuff!!! I can't believe that you have had to live like this for so long....:( So where will Ella and I stay when we come to visit someday?????? Should we just bring our own blow up mattress and join the party?

Kelli said...

A mall re-opening so exciting! Plus the size of that Old Navy, oh my.