Thursday, November 11, 2010

Advice Please

I need some advice on my new pages. I really thought  they would be filled with people asking for prayers and putting their adoption fundraisers out there. But they are not. Granted, this is not an adoption blog so most of my followers are not fund raising, but I still thought someone would find it. I do have one on the fund raising page but I was expecting more. 

This is just my way of helping out. I can't possibly donate to everyone, but if my followers see them who knows what can happen. I'm just trying to help spread the word. 

As far as the prayer page, I could fill it myself. It's open to everyone. So if you need a prayer please feel free to post it. I pray daily for everyone already on it and hopefully any one who adds to it or reads them will also say a prayer.

So if anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment. If you know someone who is fund raising please lead them here. This is for any adoption. foreign, domestic, special needs or no special needs. It doesn't matter. 

Also I cannot figure out how to change the color or font of the pages titles. They are so blah people probably don't even notice them. If anyone knows how , please share the secret.



LizBeth said...

The color and font stuff is in the Advanced tab of the Template Designer. But I'm wondering if your own template is overriding it. I'm not real up on that stuff. As you know, I just experiment with Blogger. As for the adoption page, why don't YOU list the ones you are familiar with. That's what you've been doing all along. Now you have a page for it. Do you have an update on Lera? I'm having a hard time making much sense of the blog for her. Prayer requests, might take a while. People are funny. And they are concerned about privacy. I wouldn't worry about it. I'd just leave it there for the occasional person who wants to let you know about something, but I'd be surprised if you had folks show up in droves. It's still a good idea. Thanks for praying. ~Liz

Becca said...

What a beautiful idea, Stephanie!!

Patti said...

Stephanie- I left a request for prayer for my son and his wife (she can't have children)...I originally linked to my daughter's blog about a foster care/babyshower we threw her, but since I blogged about the need more specifically I would like to change the do I do that? It is all completely un ds related, but still heavy on my heart, is that ok? I am just trying to get the word out there- if anybody knows a baby who needs adoptive parents, my kids are awesome! (just financially challenged.)

No Greater Gift Mom said...

Thank you for letting me know about your fundraiser page. How did I miss that?!! You are so awesome for reaching out to us all.
In Him,

Pam said...

Hi Stephanie- I'm asking for a prayer request this evening for out little Ally. She will be having an MRI in the morning. She has had a rough week after spending last Saturday in the ER. She has been having back pain for awhile now and has seen many doctors...and know one seems to know what is causing the pain. Please pray that the MRI will show us what is causing the pain and pray that it isn't something serious.Thank you :) Pam

I also wanted to let you know that I am sending this Blog link to you. It has the codes for different colors for your Fonts for your page titles.

All you do is pick the color you want for your titles...go to Design- click on edit HTML -and find where it says Header. Underneath header you will see where it says newnavbar..It will look a little like this..

#newnavbar li a{

#newnavbar li a:visited {
color: #C11B17;

#newnavbar li a:hover {
color: #FDD017;
You just change the color code for each template and that is it. Hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any problems.

Beverly said...

I left a prayer request but not sure it worked?

to change font colors
dash board
design tab
template designer
then pick colors and save :) let me know if you need help

Melissa M said...

I love your new pages, and I could totally fill your adoption fund raising page by myself I think. I read so many adoption blogs...I added my Christmas Angel.

I love the prayer page too, and hope people will put themselves out there for others to pray for them.

If you need any more help with the colors, let me know and I'd be happy to help.

PJM and LSM said...

Keep it there! People will find it! It just takes time! Can I post about these on your my blog? Maybe it will help spread the word.