Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Me Time Tuesday, It's Back

I definitely have to bring back Me Time Tuesday, if only for the sole reason of keeping my sanity. I didn't post in October because of Down syndrome Awareness Month, and the end result was, there was no "Me Time" in October.

So my beginning attempts for the month of November, was getting in to the Christmas Spirit. I already spilled the beans in my Thankful Sunday post, but  that's OK.  Sunday was a day of baking pies and watching Christmas classics. and of course eating apple and pumpkin pies, for breakfast , lunch and dinner since Sunday. 

I also slept in. Something very rare. We went to church Saturday night.There was no morning rush, no where to go, no one to drop off or pick up.that most likely will not happen again in my lifetime. LOL 

There was no excitement until Sophia's little ordeal at night. But other than the trip to the ER the day was completely relaxing.

So what have you all been up too????


Deanna said...

my me time this week is definitely playing in a pit orchestra for peter pan downtown all week. loving it so far!

scrappy quilter said...

Me time is always in my sewing room, quilting. Hugs

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

I went for a walk today with an old friend and it was wonderful!

Beverly said...

my me time was trying to get over this cold or allergies what ever it is...trying to get some rest when I can. lol praying and hope all is well for you all. xo