Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Day In The Life

Erin over at Unforeseen Gifts has this great idea to share what goes on for a day in your life. I'm always amazed at peoples days and what they are doing. I thought this would be fun.

 I chose today because I just happened to be posting today.  My days all have basically the same routine, give or take any unforeseen "fun".

- alarm clock rings at 5:00 am
- I get up before anyone else and make coffee. Then I open my eyes. Make lunches for school and get a few minutes of me time .
- 7:00am, start waking up the kids.
- Today I took Olivia to visit a high school we are really hoping she can attend. We left at 7:30am.
- I got home at 8:30, just in time to take the three remaining school children in.
- at 10:00am Miss Em had a group OT session until 11:00.
- we had an hour to kill between 11:00 and 12:00, when she had PT, at the same place so we sat in the car and looked at each other.
- after her PT, it was 1:00pm, I had time to go home, put an exhausted Em into bed, and do  a quick clean up.
-Throw in some laundry
- pick up Olivia at 2:30 from the high school. She loved it!! Said a quick prayer that God would help make it financially possible and went straight to pick up the other Dumplings at their school. 
- Home by 3:15. The girls did a quick change and we headed out to ballet class that starts at 4:00pm.
-I waited for Miss Bella's class to be over at 5:30, and took her home. Olivia and Sophia are there until 8:30.
- And just in case you thought I forgot about Me Time Tuesday, I did not! I'm having it right now, because Peter is picking Olivia and Sophia up from Ballet tonight. I quit early!
- only thing left is bedtime for the little ones, which will be in just a few moments. 
- And yes in between the ballet runs the kids were fed and homework was done. 


Erin said...

Now THAT is a busy day! I love your bits of comedy relief in there ;) Glad you got a little "me time" in all of that. Thanks for playing!

Zoey's mom said...

Oh the day in the life of a busy,busy mom!Mine looked very similar.Except the wake up call.you got me by a half hour!

Loved yesterday's picture.Smart cookie Miss Em!

Denise said...

I couldn't get past the part where you said that you get up at 5am but don't wake the kids up until 7am. I don't think I could be that disciplined!!!

Tina said...

Wow thats quite a day...was just wondering when Miss Em gets her lunch with all those therapies? I don't know how you do it, o.k. that takes away any right for me to complain in the future. You are amazing, I think I would too embarrassed to write about my day after that!

stephanie said...

Tina, lunch for Miss Em was saltines and milk while we were looking at each other in the car. and at her group OT they have craft time. it was an apple she was supposed to dip in paint and make a picture with , but she ate hers, lol. not a great lunch but enough to keep her happy.

Scrappy quilter said...

WOW you are sure on the go. My day usually doesn't start until 9:00. After having 3 kids with special needs and fostering for 6 years and being up at the same time you are, I decided that now that I'm older with only one adult child at home I can sleep in. Hugs and love

Rochelle said...

You are amazing! 5am seriously? If I got up then Aidan would be right behind me! Praying with you that God continues to bless you financially so you can send the kids to the schools you are choosing.

Melissa M said...

You have me by a half an hour on the wake up time too. And I'm counting down the days until I'm done pumping and can squeeze another half an hour of sleep in.

I'm excited for Claire to start with activites, but I know that will just be one more thing to fit into my schedule...you sure to have busy days!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

wow - 5 a.m.!!! you must be a morning person :) i am just so sleepy in the morning that i stay in bed every possible minute more that i can - although it would be nice to have "relaxed me time" in the morning before every one else is awake... i am very impressed! what a busy day - but seems like you do it all with a "daily smile" on your face - i really admire your positive outlook on everything!!!