Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Me Time Tuesday

Hmmmm, let's see there must have been something...

Just kidding! The kids were out of school for FIVE whole days plus there was a holiday. I had tons of me time. Alright maybe not tons but there were some moments.

Like, Thanksgiving dinner, I was surrounded by all the people I love. And my heart was happy. That's me time !

And later that night, It's A Wonderful Life, went on, as always. No Thanksgiving is complete until I've had a good cry watching my all time favorite movie.  

And much later that night I got to snuggle and doze, well I think it was a coma brought on by too much Turkey, but we'll say doze, with Max our new cat and miss Bella. Peter took a picture of us, but there would have to be a lot of money involved for me to put it up on the blog! If Olga reaches her goal I'll post it!

Yes, for those who remember We were adopted. Our new friend is still here. I guess it's safe to say he isn't leaving. Our cat hates him!!! They will never be friends so Max has taken ownership of the sunroom. 

 And of course my quiet time in the mornings. Could not even begin my day if i didn't get a quiet cup of coffee and some quality blog time first. 

And my new favorite me time... driving to get the girls from ballet at night. The traffic is gone and the highway doesn't give me pains in my chest like it does at rush hour. I get some great time to take with Jesus, tell Him what's going on and what we need. I put MY music on and just chill out. 

let me hear what you're up to!


Scrappy quilter said...

Looks like you've gotten lots of "me time" this past while. My me time takes place in my sewing room where I can create and pray. Love having special time. Hugs

patsy said...

glad you have had some extra 'me' time...my me time the past two days have been miss maggie and me putting out more Christmas decorations while her big sisters are at school! maggie loves looking at (and holding) all of the pretty stuff!

Zoey's mom said...

Um ... not a lot of me time going on around here but today Mark has another day off,which is really nice.He took no vacation time this year,work slams him, so to have him home is a real treat.We will head to the coffee shop,run some errands and just enjoy having him home before it is back to reality tomorrow.

Isn't it sad when me time is found in the car?But,I totally get it.Kind of like going to the grocery store solo.Ah,the little things in life!

Happy Tuesday

my family said...

glad to hear you are getting some time...and cant wait to see that picture :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

Hi Stephanie,

When I go onto Olga's page it is down to $60 again? Do you know why?

Gill in Canada

Bulldogma said...

LOL! I so need to blog, but I'm still reeling from 2 kids with the stomach virus over Thanksgiving and today's IEP meeting. Me time? Uh... not today. Hopefully soon. Glad y'all had fun, though!