Friday, November 26, 2010

A Five Dollar Challenge

I have 112 followers. I also have  198 FB Friends.  That equals 310 people. I also have an orphan named Olga who needs a forever family.   For those of you who follow me and are unaware of what I'm talking about , I'll catch you up.  

Olga is an orphan in Eastern Europe, she was also born with Down syndrome, just like my Emmie.  But instead of being the Belle of the Ball like Em, Olga was put into an orphanage. 

And unlike orphanages here in the States, Miss Olga will not be cared for until she gets adopted or turns eighteen. By the time she is five will be placed in an institution along with every other little sweet who wasn't lucky enough to get a forever family.  

Once she is in that institution, she becomes un- adoptable!! EIGHTY- FIVE% of all orphans placed in institutions DIE!!!!! And forgive me for saying this, but the other fifteen percent probably wish they would! IT is not a LIFE it is a death sentence. They receive no love or attention. No sun will shine on their sweet faces again. LIFE is OVER!  They will never be held or snuggled, they will never hear a lullaby. No one will kiss them goodnight. No one will ever ask them what they want to eat. They will get just enough to keep them alive. There will never be a sweet treat or surprise. No new dress or doll to hold. NOTHING!!!!!!!

I am in no way exaggerating. These children are not considered worthy . Think about my Em. You all love her so much.  Olga is no different. None of them are, but they are considered "throw aways"!!

You may also be saying to yourself, "what about the orphans with Ds right here in the States".  And yes here to unfortunately, we are still burdened with ignorance, and some people still consider kids with a special need "throw aways" and yes, we should bring them all home too. But here there is a wait to adopt a child with Ds. And they will not be put in to an institution to die. Thank God we are above that. Let's hope it stays that way. Sometimes I do wonder.

What I am asking for right now is Five dollars. If everyone donates five dollars to Olga she will be able to add $1550.00 to her adoption fund. With the cost of international adoption being so great, (around $25,000) a child with some money in their account has a better chance of being adopted. As Andrea Roberts, founder of Reece's Rainbow said, there is no shortage of families who want to adopt, it's the  high costs of adoption that stand in the way. (I'm paraphrasing here)

I'm certain if Olga gets donations to her account she will get a forever family! 


I feel a tugging at my heart to help this little one. I cannot even explain the feeling. She is on my mind all the time. I can only figure God has planted the seed in my head. I absolutely must do whatever I can to help her. I cannot stop until I know I've done everything I can to help her.

Of course if you feel compelled to donate more than five dollars I won't try to stop you!!!

No amount is too small. Please don't think that your five dollars won't make a difference. I know it sounds like donating only five dollars when she needs at least 25,000 to be fully funded is like trying to empty the ocean with  teaspoon. But every single dollar helps. And God can do great things. I've seen  orphans get fully funded in a week because a plea went out , people responded and God did the rest. It can happen and it can happen for Olga too!

How awesome to be a part of saving a life for only Five dollars.!!!

You can donate from my blog with the chip in or you can go directly to Olga's account on Reese's Rainbow. 

The video below is what most orphans face. A birthday to Miss Olga means one step closer to something like this. This video is from Serbia but i assure it it is the same in other countries too.  I warn you this video is not pretty. But it's their reality, and five dollars can give them HOPE!  

btw,  scroll down and pause my music to hear the video.


Patti said...

I'm in, Steph!

Patti said...
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LizBeth said...

I gave directly at the Reece's site. Thanks for supplying the account link there. The way they have it set up now there is no doubt about where the donation goes. You don't have to add any notes in the comment. Olga is specified in the description line. Reece's Rainbow is a reputable organization. I challenge everyone to check them out. If everyone gives a little Olga can have a home. It's just that simple.

LizBeth said...

Good morning, Stephanie! Happy Saturday!

Be sure to take a look at Gill's blog, That British Woman, today.

She posted a bit about Olga and encouraged her readers to check out her story. She's a sweet lady. She has a laid-back dog named Molly who is fascinated by birds and squirrels. Maybe Em would like Molly. ~Liz

my family said...

this video breaks my heart. I just copied your entire post onto my blog hope you dont mind :)