Friday, November 12, 2010

Plimoth, Plymouth, Plymoth????

No matter how you spell it, Plymouth MA , is a great place. I went on a field trip today with Bella's class. A very appropriate place for this time of year.  What a blast. We meet Native Americans and Pilgrims too. The kids had a hoot trying to catch a chicken. and I got up close to a rooster. I stopped to fix my sneaker and don't ask why but Mr. Rooster came walking up to me. 

The weather was picture perfect. We had a picnic lunch, what more can you ask for.

As for the spelling? Choose which ever one you like. Another thing I learned today was that back in the 17th century, there were no spelling rules and people just spelled things phonetically . That explains the many different  spellings of the word Plymoth!
The Mayflower Two


gotta get a picture of the Rock

Mr. Rooster,
This Guy was just soakin' up the sun
Plimoth Village

A lesson in canoe making


Rochelle said...

What a great field trip!

LizBeth said...

Aren't you glad you didn't have to paddle the canoe home??

Kelly said...

Plymouth Plantation.....LOVE it!! What a great field trip....all children should experience this part of history. Perfect time of year to go!! Glad you had a wonderful time=)

my family said...

what a great trip, im jealous :)

mandd3 said...

Awesome! We've been to Jamestown, Willimasburg, Raleigh, but have never made it far north enough to get to MA. It is now on my to do list!

Kim said...

I love that place. I've never been able to see it in person, but I share it through books with my kids at school. Looks like fun!

The VW's said...

Awesome! How fun! My boys would love that place! Maybe we'll have to go visit it, and your family someday! :)