Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

I guess by now most of you have heard the news. Miss Olga has a family!!! I saw the posts going up last night and I wept. I sat and wept and could not respond. This is what we were all working towards and praying for and raising money for, and I sat in stunned silence crying until my head hurt. To say that my family and I are happy, would be the understatement of the year. We love Miss Olga like she were our own. She wrapped herself around our hearts like no other. I new the first time that I saw her that there was something up with her. God had a plan for her and we were to be a part of it. I am eternally grateful that God called on me and I answered, and in turn I called on all of you, and you all listened. Because of that, a little girl is going home and not to an institution. This was such an enormous group effort and it all came together perfectly.

Thank you to everyone who fell in love with Olga and donated, thank you to all who posted and prayed. Thank you to bloggers around the world who passed the word along, and stormed heaven for this sweet little girl. Thank you Patti R who just happened to have an ipod hanging around(I'll never get over that one) and had a Stupendous Giveaway for Olga. And then just happened to get her hands on a coveted Ipad! Your generosity is amazing! And so is your love for Olga.

And a special thank you to Pat C, my near and dear friend who jumped on board silently, and made sure that thousands heard about Olga and donated to her. I love you Pat! You have no idea how much you and your "friends" and "fans" helped this child!!! No idea!!! You are happy to stay in the background and work your magic but I need to say thank you and bring you out front where you rightfully belong!

And Thank you to ST PETER SCHOOL!!! You all ROCK!!! On Monday our little school had a dress down for Olga and raised 500.00 !!! And that's not the grand total. When I spoke to our Principal Mrs. Sickinger about a possible dress down fundraiser for Olga, she was all for. I asked if we could ask a couple of other schools that are nearby to help and she quickly responded , "I'll ask them all" There are eight in all and seven were able to be part of the fundraiser!!! I'll post the grand total when I get it. We are home today because of some real snow! Finally!! So maybe tomorrow more totals will be in.

So today is a happy day. And today we can be happy that Olga is turning five instead of fearing the day!

And Sweet Olga, we will probably never meet this side of heaven, but I want you to know how loved you are, by so many people, all over the world. I prayed that God would allow you to feel our love and be comforted by our prayers. I asked God to never let you feel alone or scared, and of course that your family would find you soon. Sweet Olga you're going home! And although I don't know your actual birth date, today I will wish you a Happy Birthday! This year you received the greatest gift ever , A Forever family!!

And may God bless your new family.We will keep them in our prayers and hope that everything goes smoothly, and you are home soon!

And in my excitement about Olga I was remiss in mentioning that Miss Kareen also got a forever home! Thank you Carol!!! I wouldn't want to forget that! she was also heading towards the institution. We will be praying for her family, to also be able to move forward quickly and smoothly.


The VW's said...

Truly AWESOME!!!

Scrappy quilter said...

It is truly awesome. Can't forget both girls got forever homes which is even more awesome. God is so good!! Hugs

Patti said...

I never would have seen Olga, if not for you, dear friend. There is a giant crown with Olga's name on it it waiting for you in Heaven, I just know it!

Zoey's mom said...

I am so very proud of you my friend.You listened to those whispers,speaking to your heart,responded to God's tender nudging and look... a child saved.A life waiting for her,brimming with hope and possibility.We all cannot wait until we are able to follow her journey home to her forever family.

*Maybe,meeting Olga in person,state side,might just be the motivation you need to conquer that fear of flying.Just a thought.

Emma said...

Wow ... I hadn't heard the news and man is God amazing!!!!

I was getting worried that we might soon see a post saying it was all done and she didn't have a family. God has once again blown away all doubts - praise Him!

Blessings to all,
E x

my family said...

what wonderful news do you know if the families have blogs yet (hope so)

Cameo's Angels said...

Wasn't that great news!! I wanted to comment to you when I read Patti's blog but didn't feel it was the right comment to go along with the lovely blog you wrote about that sweet boy. I know if God will find him a family also! Sometimes I wish blogging was a little like facebook :). Happy Wednesday!!

Rochelle said...

The excitement when I saw Patti's post yesterday was amazing! So excited for both these girls. And I too thank YOU dear friend for bringing these specific kids and RR into our hearts.
Our lives are forever changed and hopefully soon to be added to! =)

Scrappy quilter said...

Not only that, but Davids has a family. I just read it on another blog!! God is amazing!!!