Monday, January 17, 2011

Olga Still Needs A Home

I've know for a day or two but was waiting for the high sign, to post. It is official ,Olga's family had to withdraw their commitment. They are a beautiful family and circumstances beyond their control led to this decision. Please do not judge these people.

This is my take on the situation. God uses everyone for good. All of His ways are good. It was not a mistake that this family came forward. They were guided by God. And they did what they were called to do, and I thank them.
Were they a stepping stone, a needed delay? Maybe.

I can't help but compare Olga to Lera. Sweet Lera ,who owns a piece of my heart. We all rallied for her last year, remember? And we rejoiced when a family came forward, and we cried when it didn't happen for them. But finally, a family did come forward and they are still committed to bringing Lera home. Not to get off the subject but this family is amazing and could still use all our support. They are now trying to bring home another little girl along with Lera. Please if you are not following their journey start today.

Now back to Miss Olga, I am confident that her family will find her. But we really need to act. Prayer is 100% necessary, but getting the word out about Olga is just as necessary. Only one person needs to answer, but they need to hear us in order to answer.

I put fliers in our church bulletins explaining about Olga and what happens in EE countries. Could you think about doing that at your church? I have it saved, if anyone wants it I'll email it to you.
Just tweak it to fit your community.

Another idea is to put the flier in libraries or stores at the register. Most owners are open to that. Grocery stores usually have a community bulletin board.

How about asking your school principal if you can send a flier home with each child. We have a Friday folder at our school that all the info comes home in. If we all did that we could seriously reach thousands of parents.

I feel like we need to get off the beaten path of our safe blogs. We are preaching to the choir here. We need to reach people who haven't heard. Of course I do believe that blogging and FB are huge and necessary tools to get the word out. Where else can you reach people all over the world with a click of a button. I'm just saying that maybe Olga's parents are not a FB friend or don't read our blogs. We have to adapt the, No Stone Left Unturned, attitude. Maybe a little old fashioned footwork is needed. Talking face to face with other people. Things like that.

Please I'm pleading that we all rally to get this child home! The thought of her tied to a bed is overwhelming. What would she be thinking? I look at that pretty dress she has on in the picture and I know that would be gone, replaced by some rag. I don't want her to loose that sparkle she has. I don't care what these children's mental ability is, when they are transferred they know. They know it's not good, they can sense and feel the lack of hope, the lack of a gentle touch, the lack of everything!

There are enough of us who know the truth about what happens to these kids. And knowing this should make you mad, I know it makes me madder than hell to think what is "acceptable" in other countries. And getting mad is a good thing, it makes people productive. People who are mad about things , want to change things. they are compelled to ACT! We need to act for Olga and every other Sweetheart on RR.

You know what I dream about. I dream and pray that one day Andrea will have to say...there is now a waiting list to adopt!


cathy said...

Amen to everything you said--

I will start here


my family said...

YES! send me the flier to me I will get it out into my community and anywhere I can post can only help awareness and hopefully this little one find a family

Scrappy quilter said...

One thing...does RR allow that we put their names in bulletins, schools, etc. Just being cautious here. My heart breaks that this family had to withdraw. They too must be so sad. Like you I pray that one day Andrea can say...there is now a waiting list to adopt. I answered your e-mail. Hugs

Zoey's mom said...

Saddened to hear this Stephanie.Really,really sad.But will continue to pray confidently,with great hope and faith, that Olga's forever family is waiting in the wings.They have to be.

I love your dream and I know that it is attainable.What a day that will be!

Brandi Hanes said...

Yes...please e-mail me the flier! thanks girl! You are a blessing.

The VW's said...

I'm so sad! I would love to be Olga's forever family....but getting her seems so impossible! Where is she from?

I'll be praying, praying, praying! Big Hugs!!

Katrina said...

Please send a flier to me at I know of a few adoption blogs where people are looking to adopt and am hoping that one of them would open their hearts to a special needs adoption instead of waiting around for a "perfect" newborn. I will see what other places I can post it to also.

Katrina said...

I also wanted to add that because of the large grant already available for this child and the government adoption credit this child's adoption cost is pretty much already paid for. I'm not sure how many people know that the government has a $13,170.00 tax refund for anyone who spends that much on a child for an adoption (it also applies to foster/adopted children). I have heard that it may not be available after 2011 so to be sure they get this refund they would need to try very hard to have the adoption happen before December 31st. This is just extra information in case a family who thinks they can't come up with the rest will know that if they have to take out a loan they can get most of that money back.

Rochelle said...

You know we are praying. Would love your flier too.

Patti said...

linking to this post and thanking God for you, Stephanie- send that flier my way? LOVE YOU!

Lori said...

Stephanie -
Thank you for continuing to keep us all updated on these beautiful children. Your heart and compassion are things of beauty.
We have been keeping Olga, and all the RR children, in our prayers. And we will definitely be praying extra hard for Olga.

Erin B said...

Please send me the flier. I sooo wish I could open our home to Olga and will do ALL I can to find someone who has the same urge and ability. I will also pray and then pray again.

Melissa M said...

I was so sad to hear that Olga's family had to withdraw. I will be praying for them (as I'm sure it was heartbreaking) and for Olga.

Julia said...

Please send your flier to my email. jburton830 (at) gmail (dot) com

I am working on a pamphlet about RR to distribute to raise awareness and encourage more families to open their hearts and homes and would like to see what has already been prepared for inspiration.

I will distribute at my mothers parish, work, local businesses etc.

Pam said...

I am praying for her daily. I just can't get her off my mind...She is such a beautiful little girl. Could you please send me the fliar. Thanks so much :)